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American Interest Radio

Right-wing public radio
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Why do corporations like Exxon sponsor current, liberal-leaning public radio? Either it's altruism, or it's the tax deduction -- my money's on the latter. Found a public radio station; seek underwriters from various corporate lobbyists. Select hosts and writers with a conservative slant. Run news programs advocating all the good that corporations like Exxon, Time Warner, or GE have done for people. It's not bias -- it's just balanced coverage!

You won't get much money from pledge drives -- after all, it's a conservative tenet that if you can't earn it through hard work, you don't deserve it -- but corporate donations and government grants (especially now that there's a Republican Congress) should be more than enough to keep you, the executive director of this non-profit radio station, well-stocked in porsches. For all the hard work you do in finding underwriters, of course.

"American Interest Radio" would make a good name, and a slogan like: "Finally on the public airwaves -- fresh AIR. American Interest Radio." Get Charlton Heston as your voice-over man and you can't lose.

ath0, Jan 05 2003


       "Public" radio stations generally pay less than mainstream radio, and the available talent pool is less-experienced than for "mainstream," for-profit radio. Conservative talent is even more likely than Liberal talent to chase the higher paying jobs, having no inner sense of "Liberal Guilt." And any self-respecting Conservative radio station owner is going to charge dearly for running what amounts to free advertising for large corporations- so your "Public" radios station would lose its "nonprofit" status anyway. Why not just start a capitalistic for-profit station? And while I'm at it- if it was my station or network, my executives had better be driving Lincolns or Cadillacs or Chevy pickup trucks, not some "furrin vehicle."
whlanteigne, Jan 05 2003

       Sounds kind of ranty to me.
krelnik, Jan 05 2003

       more of a scam than a rant. Nothing wrong with that, to my mind.
yamahito, Jan 05 2003


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