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Baby Radio

Songs for the little ones, 24-7
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You've all seen commercials on TV where the poor dad is trying to sing his kid to sleep and not doing a very good job, making the baby more upset. Maybe you've actually had that experience, I don't know. Anyway, Baby Radio is a radio station completely devoted to songs for the small ones. At night, you turn on the radio, tune in, and Baby is soothed by some gentle kids songs and classical music (because it's so good for their brains). Baby drifts off, and you can go to sleep in your own room. Also, in the morning, more lively songs could be played.
spacecadet, Feb 13 2004


       Who would pay for it and how? Ads won't do it because the audience cannot make any buying decision. That leaves public broad casting. If they can get enough donations it could work out nicely.   

       If you look at the effect of BabyEinstein on kids it probably woudn't even take expensive artist. A plain computer synthesizer and an enthusiastic nerd to play it could supply the sounds.   

       Some spiritiual groups may fight the station because the radio may give innocent babies "The Evil Ear". So set aside some money for lawyers.
kbecker, Feb 13 2004

       Another option is subscriber audio, as a digital cable audio or satellite radio channel.
waugsqueke, Feb 13 2004

       Great Idea. Maybe I wouldn't have to listen to "Little White Duck" by Burl Ives three times in a row, day after day after day. "Daddy, play the song about the duck that's white, OK?" How can I say no?
oxen crossing, Feb 14 2004

       I got sent a cd of punk songs done as nursery rhymes last week. I'm not sure who it is by but it is my favorite Cd of this year up to now.
sufc, Feb 14 2004

       Where did you get that CD [sufc]?
silverstormer, Feb 14 2004

       Neat! +
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 14 2004


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