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Call this number to report a cigarette litterer.
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Does anyone else get irritated when drivers throw their cigarette butts out their car window? We know that they have an ashtray in there.

Now we can do something about it. Call 1-800-ButtHead (if you are driving, please have it on speed dial) if you see someone littering like this. Report their license number.

If that person gets 5 total reports, he/she gets sent either a bag of ashtray remains, and/or the handy car cup/ashtray (see link below).

SparkBugg, Dec 11 2006

The Ash Cache Ashtray http://tinyurl.com/w5qk5
Click, then Rollover the b/w diagram. [SparkBugg, Dec 11 2006]

Who is Lilith? http://en.wikipedia...Adam.27s_first_wife
"Lilith as Adam's first wife" [SparkBugg, Dec 11 2006]


       BTW, where is my recent posting "Hooters, for women"? I didn't know ideas could be removed from HalfBakery. I am curious as to what is going on.
SparkBugg, Dec 11 2006

       See the help file, over there on the left, under "meta".
normzone, Dec 11 2006

       Being a smoker.. This idea proves to be a pain in the butt for us smokers, as car ashtrays are so poorly desgined and placed, plus the fact that they are so small... How about you design a better ashcar-tray??
Dmedia, Dec 11 2006

       //I didn't know ideas could be removed from HalfBakery.// - You live and learn. As [normzone] said, read the help file...
zen_tom, Dec 11 2006

       Throwing cigarette buts from the window is downright dangerous for us motorcyclists. Someone throws a butt out and the airflow pushes it up over the 'bike screen and inside your helmet either through a slightly open visor or under the chin. You then have a burning , saltpetre loaded thing INSIDE your helmet durning your face, eyes and getting ash in your eyes too. Even if it does not burn you, it distracts you and could cause a nasty accident.
webfishrune, Dec 11 2006

       Isn't the link (the Ash Cache Ashtray) an example of "a better ashcar-tray"? Check it out, Dmedia..it looks useful.   

       Wow, never thought about the risk to motorcyclers. Point well taken, WFR.   

       Hm, Hooters for women was mysteriously removed when the discussion that women get sexually aroused came up. I hope it wasn't censorship primarily based on the current patriarchal, Lilithphobic (see link), and phallocentric zeitgeist. That would be a shame.
SparkBugg, Dec 11 2006

       I propose that the governement impose a 10-cent deposit on cigaratte butts so that way you can get $2 back for every pack you smoke. And if you are too lazy to do it, the street bums will have something else to collect in order to make money.
Jscotty, Dec 11 2006

       I marked "Hooters for women" for deletion as stereotyping, and removed it after it had lain dormant for a week. See the help file for details. I didn't think it was in poor taste, it just didn't reach beyond the "men are into sex, women into material safety" stereotype.
jutta, Dec 11 2006

       I have done this before. I don't smoke in the car anymore, So I haven't for a long time now. I figure there will always be some sort of guilt in my mind about it until I have the time to go clean up a garbage bag or so full of them somewhere.
It might be better to fine people community service caught doing such.
& Why are all these new strip centers refusing to put trash cans outside! I know I'm not really supposed to throw them down the storm drain, either, but what to do when there's no trash can?
Zimmy, Dec 11 2006

       I was thinking about plugging my Butt John idea as an alternative to the "vacuum pipe", but after reading it, I don't really like how I worded it.
Zimmy, Dec 12 2006

       Are you sure you like how you worded that anno?
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 12 2006

       //Who is Lilith?//[link]   

       Not that this has anything to do with the idea, but:   

       //unique in that she is not touched by Original Sin, having left the garden before Eve came into existence. Lilith also reveals herself to be powerful in her own right by knowing the name of God.//   

       Shameless name-dropper...
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 12 2006

       // downright dangerous for us motorcyclists //   

       Indeed, I used to pay little attention to flying butts. They seem biodegradable, since all the toxins get absorbed by the smoker's body.   

       But then I started riding a motorcycle, and realized they were quite a hazard.
ed, Dec 12 2006

       I suspect the Hooters for women posting is unretrievable, so I am writing based on principle.   

       It seems that many ideas and inventions will be based on some sort of stereotype. If I propose a handy make-up holding purse insert, is it based on the stereotype that most women wear cosmetics? Is that sexist?   

       Incidentally, the stereotype that women are attracted to wealth is a staggeringly universal trait, as measured by cross-cultural psychological research meta-analyses (Seriously...I have a copy of the article somewhere). It also is argued to have been evolutionarily adaptive.   

       Regardless, also included in my half-baked stereotype is that women like intelligent and interested men. Another sexist stereotype worth deleting?   

       What really is a shame is not my stereotyping, but the censorship that has occured in here.   

       It also a shame that a woman is offended by the idea of a restaurant who's spirit is geared towards the entertainment of women.   

       If I posted an idea of a cool sports bar geared towards men, I doubt that idea would have been deleted.   

       I am not trying to be difficult; but I am frustrated about the subtle misogeny and censorship going on here.
SparkBugg, Dec 12 2006

       Dude Hooters for Women doesn't have anything to do with this idea. If you really think it should be on here, my advice would be to edit it so that it doesn't have the potential to offend even the most easily offended and then post it again. And am I the only one to notice that 1-800-BUTT-HEAD would be too many digits?
acurafan07, Dec 13 2006

       I didn't know where else to ask about the Hooters deletion. But thanks for your suggestion.   

       And yes, it is too many numbers, but there are several 1-800-numbers who do that so it is easy to remember (the extra digits are then superfluous).
SparkBugg, Dec 13 2006

       i dunno where you reside Sparkbugg, but in OZ, if a cop catches you tossing a butt, you get a $200 fine, oh and the whole, ring 1800 butthead?, we have huge fines here for talking on our mobiles whilst driving, so er, maybe a total ban on smoking would suffice, wouldnt do the people, and planet any harm
Stork, Dec 13 2006

       [BunsenHoneydew], yep. I'm an evil clown.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       or get a hands free unit
acurafan07, Dec 13 2006

       Someday, when DNA tests start becoming faster and cheap enough.. I'd like to see these butt heads get what they've got coming... All the police people should have to do is to drop a sample butt in the container get the dna markers and identify the culprit. Say more than 5 positive idents within one months lines mr or ms. butt head up for 10-20 hours of community service picking up litter on the roadsides. like fingerprints in a database, basically.
Alysonwonderland, Dec 14 2006

       A note on censorship: I would assume that this site is owned by someone or a group of someones so, at least by US law, that means they (the owners or those charged by the owners to maintain the site) can do whatever they want with it. That would include deleting your ideas or annos as they see fit, with or without good reason. There is NO intellectual property here (other than the site itself) nor any censorship rights afforded to its users.
MoreCowbell, Dec 15 2006

       In reference to my reference on censorship: here is my definition:   

       censor: 1. to delete (a word or passage of text) in one's capacity as a censor (A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.)   

       From Dictionary.com
SparkBugg, Dec 15 2006

       In reference to your reference to your reference on censorship:   

       I understand what censorship means. I simply meant they can censor you (us) all they want since they (whoever they are) own the site.
MoreCowbell, Dec 15 2006

       Yes, shockingly, you can't force me to host your text. The outrage! But you *do* own the copyright on text you write (you won't suddenly find it in stores with money -> me); contrary to SparkBugg's impression there are no forbidden words and subjects; moderators won't, unlike real censors, edit your text to say something differently or have holes in it; and you can usually get deleted text pulled from the logs and sent to you by sending email to bakesperson@halfbakery.com and asking - a good basic technique that can produce surprising results in all kinds of dilemmas.
jutta, Dec 16 2006

       Jutta, thanks for the clarity. But, respectfully (I admire your site), I am not so interested in reclaiming my post. I was just commenting on the process that occurred.   

       Morecowbell, I misunderstood the intent of your comment, so thanks, also, for the clarity. Of course, they can censor all they want: we are guests here. But it doesn't mean that they SHOULD, in certain cases. Afterall, it is a site that is designed to encourage free and creative thinking.
SparkBugg, Dec 16 2006

       //1-800-BUTT-HEAD would be too many digits?// [acurafan07] your world view is small - beyond that line where the sky meets the land or sea is the rest of the planet, where ten digit phone numbers are common. I have an eleven digit one.
xenzag, Dec 16 2006

       Yeah I guess my world view is small... I just learned a little while ago that some places can have more than six digit licence plates. What's up with that?
acurafan07, Dec 16 2006

       I think you guys are funny about smoking. some of you appear to be quite intollerant of others and their ways. As for cigarettes being "poisonous, polluting, self-destructive, and enviromentaly hazardous" it may be at that. But then again the same could be said of many other things that people do every day. Driving cars,eating fast food,eating unhealthy,drinking alchohol. These are just a few that could be considered such. I myself think it is up to each person to make their own decision about smoking and if they decide to smoke three packs a day we can warn them and tell them it is bad for them but ultimatly accept their decision. As for the littering of coarse that is wrong.   

       It would be a step in the right direction to make all cigarette filters Bio-degradable as that is the only part right now that is made out of non-bio materials. That would Alleviate the problem of butts laying around for eternity. One other thing worth mentioning is that if you called someone in for littering out of their car you would also be asked to prove that it happened otherwise it would be your word against the offending parties. So unless you intend to take a snapshot of the litter in progress you would be hard pressed to bring home a fine. You would also run the risk of being brought up on charges of harrasment by any party you might report. By the way I only mention the intollerance thing because it seems that some of you have a very strong(and negative) reaction to anything that has to do with smoking and while that is just Hunky-Dory with me it also has been my experience that such intolerance can alienate other people. In this case of coarse the alienated people would be the smokers. You should also keep in mind that alot of the smokers you are berating about "polution and self-destructiveness" are people who would quite if they could. I just want you to keep in mind that that sort of attitude can cause problems. Having that sort of attitude is your own business and none of mine. But when discussing whether an idea is practical or usefull such atitudes should ,in my opinion at least, be checked at the door.
Bane, Dec 17 2006

       I know this a couple of years old, but what's bad for motorcyclists is even worse for bicyclists. We have a lot more skin exposed. I bike commute, and I've had a burning butt hit the ground ahead of me, but fortunately, so far, not so close that I wasn't able to dodge it. It may happen some day. Enthusiastic bun (especially if it applies to anything thrown from a car)
MechE, Sep 12 2008


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