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Collector Man

stand and receive
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I have often observed the ability of a chain-link fence surrounding a waste delivery site, or even a large supermarket complex, to collect all manner of material that gets blown against its periphery. Most of this takes the form of ragged plastic bags, dead leaves and newspaper pages. Collector Man is based on this action.

Collector Man is a constructed figure, consisting of a sturdy framework, or mantle, that supports a wire mesh body. He, or She is roughly twice the size of a real person, and is intended to be positioned in a prominent site, which is subject to a prevailing wind.

The mesh of the figure is covered with low level spines, so that any material, like pieces of plastic litter or other airborne detritus which randomly blows along, becomes stuck to the arms, legs, body and head of Collector Man.

In time the figure becomes encrusted, with an ever evolving patina consisting of a mixture of organic material and printed ephemera. Animals and birds inhabit Collector man, who may be joined by other figures to form a crowd, or marching line positioned along the edge of a hill.

When it snows his edges soften as He emerges half buried by drifts.

Eventually some of Collector Man's organic supports will rot, and break down. His mesh will rust and disintegrate causing the figure to buckle and change. Limbs may drop off, or He could become headless, or simply fall over. New figures then replace Him with the scattered remnants and standing stumps left in position at their feet.

xenzag, Dec 05 2008


       Yup, that'll win the Turner Prize.
hippo, Dec 05 2008

       Or someone puts a match to him and he becomes the Wicker Man +
100 percent, Dec 05 2008

       Ah - for every moth there burns a flame.
xenzag, Dec 05 2008

       Razor or barbed wire is pretty efficient, and it'll help stop someone nicking your creation for scrap metal.
coprocephalous, Dec 05 2008

       Collector man, he or she, hmmm.
zeno, Dec 06 2008

       I don't think he would compile to great soil , just another mess . Maybe if he was weaved from hollow organic tubular vessels holding a cocktail of nutrients and enzymes to enrich the manufactured and natural debris alike .
wjt, Dec 06 2008

       Like an urban ghillie suit.   

xenzag, Oct 13 2015

       If this were in movie:plot or culture:superhero I would get it. But it isn't. So what's the idea?
Voice, Oct 13 2015

       It's a movie:plot or culture:superhero. Happy to oblige! ha.
xenzag, Oct 13 2015


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