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100-Pin Bowling

Different frame, different pins, different angle!
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The alley for this version of bowling is like a regular bowling alley but with "off-ramps". Five on the left, four on the right, and the standard set of 10 pins straight ahead. Each off-ramp has space for a normal set of 10 pins.

The purpose of this game is to make the player aim at different locations for each frame, instead of just the same shot over and over again.

The automatic pinsetter travels on a U-shaped apparatus which extends up and down the lane. Each "off-ramp" is equipped with pin sweepers and a secondary gutter which lets the ball roll down behind the alley where it feeds into the automatic ball return.

In the first frame you aim for the set of pins nearest on the left. Then in the second frame you aim for the next set of pins on the left. All around the circle. The straight-ahead set of 10 pins is, however, reserved for the tenth and final frame.

In this variation, all 100 pins are set up to begin with, and the player can allocate his/her 20 shots to any of the ten sets of pins. Each set, however, corresponds to its numbered frame on the scoring sheet. So for example, you might take four shots to knock down the pins in position #6. This lets you put a spare in frame #6 in your scoresheet. (All scoring is done at the end). But, any sets of pins you didn't touch during your game count as a 0 for those frames.

This version allows you to give up on hopeless spares (e.g. 7-10 split) and use that second shot for a different set of pins. Or take three shots at the 7-10 split, if you want!

phundug, Dec 27 2008

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       Would I get more balls;-) ? (+)
blissmiss, Dec 27 2008

       how many do you want?
po, Dec 27 2008

       100, of course.
blissmiss, Dec 27 2008

phoenix, Dec 27 2008

       Inflated bowling. Maybe I should invest my savings in the project; even take a mortage out on the house to make sure I don't miss out on this next fad.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Dec 27 2008

       To be a pin setter before AMC wrecked the game with Automatic machines.   

       To set 100 pins by hand... Yuck!
popbottle, May 05 2014

       This gives rise to an interesting question - with an unlimited number of pins, or at least a very large number of pins (e.g. 1,000,000 pins) and a very large bowling alley, how many pins could be knocked over with one ball?
hippo, May 06 2014

       Depends how big the ball is.
pocmloc, May 06 2014

       Bowling should be called pinball.
Cuit_au_Four, May 08 2014

       [Hippo] Depends on how they're laid out, and which pins you are using. I'm pretty sure, for instance, with candle pins arranged in a straight line, you could get an infinite run, with the domino effect coming in to play (energy of falling greater than what is needed to push an upright pin out of equilibirum).   

       If you're looking at a more traditional triangular layout with normal spacing, some additional energy is required to move the pins to hit the next, so it's going to run out eventually. If you believe Wii sports resort (bowling), it's over a hundred however.
MechE, May 08 2014

       [phundug], are you aware that the way bowling is scored, you actually knock down 120 pins to get a "300" game? The tenth frame is special, and can offer 10-30 pins to be knocked down, depending on how well the bowler bowls.
Vernon, May 09 2014


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