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bend it with Fido

a much nicer approach to the art of spin bowling.
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its quite off-putting to watch the bowlers spit on and polish their balls. the entire fielding side appear to take a share in this activity – taking turns to add their spit to the leather and rub it in. it’s probably a superstitious thing.

apparently, one needs to wet one side of a ball and shine it up for it to swerve inwards (or outwards) to hit the stumps behind the batsman’s leg.

I propose that a dog could be utilised for this; as mascot/ ball salivator. he/she could sit obediently beside the umpire while the balls are bowled and then trained to scamper up to the bowler to give the ball a good licking. obviously the dog would be trained not to assist with fielding.

po, Aug 26 2005

info - cricket balls http://www.answers....opic/cricket-ball-2
[po, Aug 26 2005]

http://www.asiahome...chair_Singapore.jpg [calum, Aug 26 2005]

Fido warming up http://gd.tuwien.ac...ages/df1987-271.gif
[Shz, Aug 26 2005]

Lick surcharge http://www.cartoons...lowres/jkon497l.jpg
[mbedded, Oct 19 2010]


       Re training: perhaps clamp the dog in the link.
calum, Aug 26 2005

       Oh, the things you learn here at the Bakery. I had thought cricket and baseball had similar rules for spit ball polish; I was wrong.
Coal Drag, Aug 26 2005

       Should this be 'swing it with Fido' or even 'reverse swing it with Fido'. Or is that something different?
st3f, Aug 26 2005

       A Saint Bernard would be perfect.
Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

       I'm fascinated that there are people who spit on and polish their balls.   

       What is spin bowling?
sleeka, Aug 26 2005

       Think slider or curveball, then remember that in cricket the ball usually bounces before the batsman hits it.
DrCurry, Aug 26 2005

       Matthew Hoggard's dog was there today funnily enough.
po, Aug 26 2005

       oops. I deleted gnome! so sorry mate...   

       he said it wasn't his dog but the same haircut or something - I was going to retort that the commentator said it was his dog.   

       once again, so sorry, gt. :(   

       I can't believe I did that - there's a first!
po, Aug 26 2005

       [DrCurry] I see. We're still pretty confused by cricket here in the States.
sleeka, Aug 26 2005

       You can borrow Sammo if you like. That way you could have a wet 'n slobbery side.
wagster, Aug 26 2005

       damn it - I did it again. I need glasses. sorry, RS. please post that again!
po, Aug 27 2005

       Automatic penaty for roughing the bowl ... show of hand is waived.
reensure, Aug 27 2005

       Just to clarify, Sammo is a dog.
wagster, Aug 27 2005

       after the 'Wimbledon' flick, I can't wait for the forthcoming sequel 'The Ashes' a love story with sordid bits / ball tampering investigated by a forensic team / bestiality (oh sorry, it was just his haircut!) / tears, laughter, fall-about comedy, tantrums and YES! success at last for the good guys... England beat the Aussies   

       fingers crossed, I have not put the mockers on the remaining two tests.
po, Aug 27 2005

       They could even make a cute little dog cricketer outfit for it. OOOh, just imagine, a little hat, and a litter v-necked sweater!!! Ooh, I'd watch the entire match just to see the little mite running around!   

       - By the way, I love the link [Shz]
chocolateraindrops, Aug 27 2005


       sorry, getting a bit excited here...
po, Aug 28 2005

       Dogs - hmmm, fuckin useless.
The Kat, Aug 29 2005

       What if the dog had high standards and refused to slobber on the foreign object? AS IF you could find such a dog. [+]
sophocles, Aug 29 2005

       Obviously the dog would have to be a Spitz.
Whistlebritches, Oct 19 2010

       you created an account for that? amazed.
po, Oct 19 2010

       [amazed] er, [po] No. This makes two (steps carefully away from keyboard)
Whistlebritches, Oct 19 2010

       Too late, [Whistlebritches], you're hooked for life now.
pocmloc, Oct 20 2010

       I use sweat meself, Spittin's for girls!
DrBob, Oct 20 2010

       To get extra accounts? You work far too hard, Dear Dr.
blissmiss, Oct 20 2010

       Nah, fer polishin' me balls, silly!
DrBob, Oct 20 2010


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