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Do NOT loft the balls! Any ball lofted more than eight feet will result in a HUGE charge to your credit card.
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The initial eight feet of your bowling alley lane is entirely conventional
The rest of the lane re-configures after every round by means of actuated rods with locks which let the remainder of the alley to develop a series of rigid gradually sloping divots.
These divots can take many shapes, the least challenging being basic circular bowls or gravity wells.

Your spherical orb will follow the curvature of theses divots and this will have to be taken into account before every release turning bowling into something much more like the short-game in golf.

More sophisticated gravity bowlers will need to navigate much more intricate gravity well shapes.


       Is the movable part of the lane made with a rubber sheet ?
8th of 7, Nov 06 2020

       It will have to be some sort of elastomer capable of accommodating smooth, continuous distortion.   

       Of course, it might be simpler to just distort local spacetime using degenerate matter to form the "wells" as and when required.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2020

       Yes but then time-dilation effects will mean that games take ages...
hippo, Nov 06 2020

       Speed may be an overcoming factor. If one were to fling ones balls down the alley in a speedier fashion than normal they might slide past the offending anomalies and still smash into the pins.   

       Replacement pins may become another expense, to say nothing of ones balls.
whatrock, Nov 06 2020

       // a quantum level things might be more discontinuous, granular, foamy //   

       Indeed, but you then have to address the issue of the granularity of spacetime as opposed to that of particles, and it's actually less than the Planck length.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2020

       Could a cone of heterogeneous ballistic gel be made big enough for a variation? Reviewed, of course.
wjt, Nov 08 2020

       Probably yes, but its mechanical durability would be extremely poor, and it would be affected by changes in humidity. It's mostly water, and the surface will quickly dry out and crack.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2020

       One per game. Players' tracks count.
wjt, Nov 14 2020

       Are there any rules forbidding me from setting up a stable wormhole at both ends of the lane?
RayfordSteele, Nov 17 2020


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