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100 calorie store

The dollar store for calories
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A store where everything is sold in 100 calorie servings.

This would help put things in perspective for some people.

phoenix, Apr 19 2010

many products... http://www.boston.c...alorie_snack_packs/
[xandram, Apr 19 2010]

British Lard Marketting Board http://www.britishlard.co.uk/
A spoof site set up by climbers fed up with the claims, and arguments, surrounding so-called "power foods". [Aristotle, Apr 20 2010]

Wiktionary.org http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Calorie
"Calorie is a unit of energy equal to 1,000 calories" :-) [Inyuki, Apr 20 2010]

What 100 calories looks like http://izismile.com...rvings_23_pics.html
23 photos of food in 100-calorie servings. [phoenix, Aug 16 2016]


       There are many products that offer this, but maybe the idea of an entire store is novel.
xandram, Apr 19 2010

       Just what we need, more packaging. Make it a "10,000 Calorie Store" and I'll go for it.
gisho, Apr 19 2010

       //Make it a "10,000 Calorie Store" and I'll go for it.// I know I'm late to the game, but the other day I had "Nutella" for the first time. Ridiculously good stuff, but I noticed it has more calories per volume than peanut butter. I'll have to look to see how it compares to eating straight butter or lard, but I bet it's close. I think the jar I bought may have been a 10000 calorie item.   

       I looked it up Nutella is 200 cal per tablespoon, pure lard is 230.
MisterQED, Apr 19 2010

       1 kWh = 859.8 calories. I pay 11 cents for 1 kWh.
This is 7816 calories for a dollar.

       [MisterQED], perhaps the amount of energy in the tablespoon is written in gram calories, and the amount of energy in the lard is written in kilogram calories. I saw quite frequently kilocalories are also written as "calories" (because this word has two meanings), perhaps to trick people into buying food with more calories.   

       According to Wikipedia:   

       Gram calorie = "calorie"
Kilogram calorie = "Calorie"
Inyuki, Apr 20 2010

       British lard is best ... (see link).
Aristotle, Apr 20 2010

       Food is always labeled in Calories, not calories. Thus a comparison between lard and Nutella is legitimate.
MechE, Apr 20 2010

       Its hardly surprising, as Nutella is basically just sweetened chocolate-flavoured margarine...
prufrax, Apr 21 2010

       //Food is always labeled in Calories, not calories. Thus a comparison between lard and Nutella is legitimate//
Shouldn't that be "between Lard and Nutella"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 21 2010

       I dunno, "lard" is a generic substance, whereas "Nutella" is a brand name.
kaz, Apr 21 2010

       You should make it a 97 calorie store. For tax, so it goes.
daseva, Apr 21 2010

       Calories with a small c would be redundantly small - it would involve putting three not very relevant digits on the end. Aren't most foods measured in kilojoules now?   

       Lard is generally the highest in energy. Even sugars and unsaturated fats are lower.
nineteenthly, Apr 22 2010

       according to Wikipedia, 0.001163 kW·h= 1 food calorie, therefore 2000 calories =2.326 kWh or about 25 cents of electricity. so if humans came in a plug-in hybrid model we could eat for a quarter a day! that means it would take nearly 160 people matrix style to power a home. suddenly i'm not worried about the machines taking over.
Arcanus, Apr 23 2010

       Would it help if we all drank a gallon of ethanol, which has about 20,000 Calories?
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2010

       Hmph, was about to post an idea for a 100-calorie food court, only to see I was trumped by phoenix. By almost five years. I like the idea though.
not_only_but_also, Jan 29 2015

       ...although the idea doesn't suggest charging $1 for 100 calories
hippo, Jan 30 2015

       It would make dieting dead simple.   

       //Would it help if we all drank a gallon of ethanol//   

       Lord knows I've done my part.
Voice, Aug 16 2016

       This is clever, bun awarded, but it is kind of a bad idea to think about diet in terms of calories. A 100 calorie piece of candy doesn't react with your body the same as 100 calories of healthy fat, low glycemic index carbs or protein. In other words, two people can eat the exact amount of calories with one being very healthy and one being very un-healthy.   

       Still, clever idea.
doctorremulac3, Aug 16 2016

       // if humans came in a plug-in hybrid model //   

       We got that for you, right here ...   

       // suddenly i'm not worried about the machines taking over. //   

       Good ... goooood .... just relax .... relax .... let your eyelids close ....
8th of 7, Aug 16 2016


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