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93 dollar store

Everything costs 93 dollars.
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Sometimes, I wanna go buy something that costs about 100 dollars. I could just go to this store, and it would all be there.

Adjacent to the 977 dollar store. Very nice there, I hear.

daseva, Jun 13 2005


       The $478.52 store. Everything there costs $516.80.
Worldgineer, Jun 13 2005

       If you are like me, you hate bad ideas. This, is one, for alot of reasons! The thing with dollar stores is that they are like cheap, small general stores. Things that you generally need don't generally cost $100. The range of things that cost $100 dollars is quite huge. How would you know what to put in that store? Hmm? Videogames? Hmm? Clothes? Hmmmmmm? Custard? HMMMMMM?   

       : )
Night, Jun 13 2005

       Yes, [Nylonstrings]. I understand that the dollar store is full of cheap stuff. Namely, things that are worth one dollar. I would restrict my store to small electronics, jewlery, sports equipment, indoor/outdoor furniture, and a side retail clothing botique aptly named "SuperThreads" with a stylish airbrush effect under the name in bold letters of varying colors. The people that work there drink starbucks out of beer helmets and some of them ride little electric scooters.   

       : )
daseva, Jun 13 2005

       //The $478.52 store. Everything there costs $516.80.//
Doesn't sales tax vary by state? It might be $509.37 somewhere.
angel, Jun 13 2005

       is this like a 1 pound shop?
po, Jun 13 2005

       Well , if you're like me, you are sometimes keen on observation. Below this idea is the '93 cent store'. In that topic, the starter states that the actual price would vary by what was required by the local tax for the final price to equal $1.00. I think that [Daseva] kind of assumed this as part of his store.   

       : )
Night, Jun 13 2005

       \\drink starbucks out of beer helmets\\. For the uptown redneck.
hidden truths, Jun 13 2005

       In my little world you're baking with sourdough daseva, but on a positive note you could put something like this as a feature in a store like Harrods (London) for example. You provide customers with a cheaper part of the store to take a break in ..
kuupuuluu, Jun 14 2005

       $478.52 = $525.18 around here. No state income tax, but you get hammered even before you crack open your six-pack.   

       What I've always wanted to see was a store where everything was priced to come out to an even dollar or 50 cents AFTER taxes. I'd drive extra to shop there.
elhigh, Jun 22 2005


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