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Airport Thrift Store

$25 per bag... each way ? Heck with that.
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On the outbound trip, breeze through check-in and security, burdened only by a carry-on, holding toiletries, socks and underwear.

Upon arrival, while your fellow passengers are waiting to see if their luggage took the same plane, you're browsing in the secondhand store for some gently used items.

For the return passage, donate the vacation couture back to the store and get on the flight home.

The store carries only the best used clothing, used time and time again. Airport rent ain't cheap, but throughput should cover it.

FlyingToaster, Oct 11 2016


       Brilliant. It's what I do every season change. I buy second hand at Goodwill, and then when it gets colder/warmer I return and buy more. But this is great for vaca.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2016

       The concept is preheated by Charles Stross in Accelerando, but you get (+). Oh, and the items in the store are used as information drops by professionals.
normzone, Oct 11 2016

       Really ? That makes 3 of my ideas he's nefariously coopted (j/k : great minds, etc). I like it, so I'm proferring the NWKTE card.
FlyingToaster, Oct 12 2016

       Maybe a bag of high end gear can be used to help with the leasing cabal.
wjt, Oct 12 2016

       What about the crew? Man I could use one of those snappy captain uniforms. Serious chick magnet.
r_kreher, Oct 12 2016

       I guess that depends on your point of view - He's won two Hugos, I'd consider that pretty widely known.
normzone, Oct 12 2016

       The thrift store would need a laundry as well, as all donated clothes will be drenched in cologne, ninja blood and brown gravy from my vacation activities.
bungston, Oct 12 2016

       //He's won two Hugos// Not everybody reads anthologies. Which story had the thrift store in it ?   

       I e-mailed him after Saturn's Children (which featured both tangential landing strips and city trains) hoping for a signed freebie. He pointed me to a previous short story he had written for the t.landing idea.   

       Why read a short story ? It's like having one of those mini hamburgers for lunch: no matter how good it is, there's no real point to it.
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2016

       [FlyingToaster] That's false. The virtual is not like reality. A single word in the right frame and circumstance can seed change in a whole belief system.
wjt, Oct 15 2016

       //A single word in the right frame and circumstance can seed change in a whole belief system.//   

       That word is often "duck!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2016

       + And possibly a trading post where one can trade some things for other things!
xandram, Oct 17 2016

       That's only sustainable as long as there are also people willing to trade other things for some things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2016

       I have maths text-books. What "other things" do you have, that I could trade these "sum things" for?
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 17 2016

       Buying local while travelling is a great idea, but it does kinda assume people are the same shape.   

       I am not the same shape, and unless we all go about in xxl crocodile onesies, I don't see how it could work.
WaffleWizard, Apr 09 2019

       Strossy not the main problem these days - it's Philip Reeve - he knocks out a trilogy every time I turn me back....
not_morrison_rm, Apr 10 2019

       As a variation on this, airports could have stores on the ground-side that sell all the sharp objects confiscated from passengers on the air-side.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2019

       No worries, [WaffleWiz], round is a shape. Pencil-necked geek is a shape (both male and female flavours), CurvyLady is a shape, Built-like-a-Fridge is a shape... there are lots of shapes. Come to think of it, why is there only one size airplane seat?
Sgt Teacup, Apr 12 2019


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