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1337 font

|=()|2 73]-[ |_42`/ |\|3|2|)
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some computer nerds are lazy and would like to type normally while still being 1337. So I propose a font that is 1337.
AlexTheGreat, Apr 25 2006

1337 font http://quick.dropfi...bf7c9bcdf6a0fecefe2
I made it and you can download, or view it here [AlexTheGreat, Apr 25 2006]

You might want to post it here, too http://www.fated-ci...howthread.php?t=524
Oh, wait, someone beat you to it. [DrCurry, Apr 25 2006]

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       Oh, there must be a million places. This is not one of them.
DrCurry, Apr 25 2006

       So, it's officially been baked by a halfbaker? Seems very anticlimactic.
shapu, Apr 25 2006


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