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A macro and a font for dyslexics

just the old idea reposted to bring it I line with HB etiquette, it was never my intention to cause offence
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start with a ledgable font like times new roman. First divide the vowels from the consonants Make three copies of each; a normal copy, one slightly bolder and one slightly lighter. The differences need to be the smallest difference that can be reliably produced and perceived so as not to be to distracting Label six sets 1,2,3,4,5,and 6. the letter “y” would need to be classed as a vowel because of words like quickly. Wright a macro to step through the fonts, such that the the first consonant after a space or a vowel is from set 1. that the consonant that follows a consonant from set 1 is from set 2. and that the consonant that follows a consonant from set 2 is from set 3. the the first vowels after a space or a consonant is from set 4. that the vowels that follows a vowels from set 4 is from set 5 . and that the vowels that follows a vowels from set 5 is from set 6. three consonants is less common than three vowels,but it dose happen. The advantage of this would be that each letter would Identify its position in the word as well as its relationship with its neighbours I suggested using degrees of boldness to distinguish between the sets; but up rightness, size,or other propitiates might be used instead. The important thing is that the differences should be large enough to be reliably reproduced, without making the over all effect ugly or trying. PS. Did you here about the dyslexic devil worshipper. He prayed to Santa every day, for hell on earth, and got what he wanted for Christmas. — j paul, Jun 05 2011

A web application could process web pages to apply the required styling. You might even be able to do quite a bit with a user-defined style sheet that some browsers allow to override the one coming from the page. bigsleep, — bigsleep, Jun 05 2011 [delete]

bigsleep, a user-defined style sheet? on the web, on the fly? Impressive

It would be very interesting, and possibly useful, to use an evolutionary algorithm to find the optimal text style for dyslexics. The program would ask the dyslexic person to read words in different fonts on-screen as quickly as possible and then hit a button as soon as they'd read them. The font which was found to give the highest readability would then be selected and "mutated" randomly, and the process repeated. After enough iterations, it should evolve towards the most readable typography. Has nobody tried this? — MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2011

I like the sound of this , please go to maxwells link — j paul, Jun 05 2011 [edit, delete]

j paul, Jun 07 2011

(?) WordWiz http://www.pmuk.com...ds_reading_aid.html
[j paul, Jun 07 2011]

maxwells link Auto-adaptive_20fonts_20for_20dyslexics
[j paul, Jun 07 2011]

Prescription Typefonts for Dyslexics aixelsyd_20Typefont
[j paul, Jun 07 2011]

Word Wiz, again! http://www.pmuk.com...ds_reading_aid.html
Clever plastic pincer things designed to help dyslexics concentrate one word/phrase at a time. [Dub, Jun 08 2011]

A Typeface For Dyslexic Readers http://m.gizmodo.co...or-dyslexic-readers
[Dub, Jul 06 2011]

ibid http://essay.utwente.nl/60474/
[mouseposture, Jul 07 2011]


       WTF?! - Where're the annos at? More to the point, why have you deleted my (rather helpful, I thought) annos but kept my link, but copied it incorrectly and broken it, so that it doesn't take you somewhere useful?   

       (Incidently, that's not how you spell "intelligent", or "accept"... or "legible" or... aw, I get it)   

       You'll get no buns or bones from me!
Dub, Jun 07 2011

       So much for trying to help...
csea, Jun 08 2011

       OK, I'm cofnused. [???]
Grogster, Jun 08 2011

       Deleting and reposting like this is MUCH more offensive than the original was. It's usually better to let the original stand, complete with criticisms, in my opinion.
spidermother, Jun 08 2011

       wot she said.
FlyingToaster, Jun 08 2011

j paul, Jun 08 2011

       Apology accepted :-).   

       [FT] She's a he.
spidermother, Jun 08 2011

       [j_paul], in my view, it's bad enough that any ideas/annos get deleted (I know there's not an infinite amount of server storage space on [jutta]'s laptop/mobile phone ;) ).
Don't worry, a lot of us have been there before (I did almost exactly the same thing) - To me, the absolute sum of people's comments (good, bad or unrelated to the post mildly modified by the sum of absolute votes accumulated, are what counts). Just don't do it again, OK?
Dub, Jun 08 2011

Dub, Jul 07 2011

       [Dub]:Thanks, that was interesting enough that I dug up the actual paper <link>
The authors summarize their conclusions thus:

       "Reading with the font “Dyslexie” does not improve the reading speed for reading words. However some specific type of reading errors are decreased, but others are increased." Their bottom line? You guessed it already: "Further research in needed."
mouseposture, Jul 07 2011


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