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Automated font previewer

No more RSI from clicking through piles of fonts.
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How 'bout using one hand to choose the best of thousands of fonts? It could be done with a program/plugin that automatically changes the font of some text that you have written, and lets you preview it for 5 seconds. At this point, you have the option of pressing a key and putting it into a 'maybe' list that jots down the name of the font, or letting it go so that the next font can be previewed.

Of course, the time delay on fonts would be fully customisable, with the added option of holding a key to preview it for more than five seonds.

Once your font list runs out, you do it again with teh 'maybe' pile. Rinse, repeat, best font found.

waltre, Oct 28 2002


       1000 fonts, 5 seconds for each - 1.5 hours just to go through your list! And that's before you've got to go through the maybes. What's worth taking that long over?
PeterSilly, Oct 28 2002

       Ok, the time was a bit ambitious. 1000 fonts @ 2 seconds cuts it down to about 33 mins [2000/60].   

       With the added option of skipping the font before the 2 seconds is complete, you should get it down to about 25 mins, saving 1 second for every second font [ -500 seconds, 500/60 = 8.33]   

       Though, you may wish to pause for a bit though, this could add 5-10 minutes.   

       With 500 fonts, this would be done in 15 minutes. Although after all that bul**hit, maybe you'd just put 100 favourites into it...
waltre, Oct 28 2002

       I could live with 1 second per font.
I have 496 fonts.
NickTheGreat, Oct 28 2002

       Yeah, and then you have headings, text that needs to be distinguished from other surrounding text, and before you know it you're in "<click>Nope<click>Nope<click>Nope<click>" hell. 3 hours to write the document, then another 2 and a half days to format the bloomin' thing.
PeterSilly, Oct 28 2002


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