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Crackpot FONT

SAVES <u>You<\u> time when you REALLY want to GET your point<i>ACROSS</i>
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This would be a font, well...a compilation of fonts really.

It would automatically CAPITALIZE every 7th word, and underline important cliches, and occasionally change the color and SIZE according to "predetermined" algorithms.

One would presumeably use it to save time when writing urban legends, political diatribes, chain letters, random overly passionate gripes about random things, super-sappy patriotic poems, and perhaps compose entire websites of esoteric astrological stuff.

ShawnBob, Sep 20 2012

Time Cube http://www.timecube.com
<--A first rate example [ShawnBob, Sep 20 2012]


       thats the way UHUH I like it [+]
leinypoo13, Sep 20 2012

       To be truly crackpot it should BE random.
4and20, Sep 20 2012

       In case someone wants an example and is new to the internets, timecube
Voice, Sep 20 2012

       I do NNNOT understand this idea _at_all_,,,,,, it sounds like NORMAL to ME!?!
pocmloc, Sep 20 2012

       @Voice: Absolutely! That's the best example I've ever seen! Still laughing.
ShawnBob, Sep 20 2012

       Oh, I should have added that CRACKPOT font overrides all justification other than "centered".
ShawnBob, Sep 20 2012


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