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1x10^-9 Scale Models

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Nano-scale car models made up of a few atoms with modified buckminsterfullerene tires and carbon nanotube axles. That's all.

Be sure and use a very small painting brush.

RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2006

Nano Cars http://www.physorg.com/news7438.html
Ev'rything's bigger in Texas. Er, Well. [Zimmy, Jul 28 2006]



       sp. Buckminsterfullerene
daseva, Jul 28 2006

       Baked? Mind giving a link to a photo - or an electron micrograph, as the case may be?
lurch, Jul 28 2006

       Well you could have a model of the galaxy at that scale and it would be quite nice.
marklar, Jul 28 2006

       [marklar] Hmm, don't think so. Our milky way galaxy is said to be approx. 10^5 light years across. A light year is about 9.5x10^12 meters, so your "nano-scale" model would still be almost 10^9 meters across.
csea, Jul 28 2006

       nice, [marklar]. [csea], at least we can sit at the moon by then...
rotary, Apr 24 2008

       Wow, [Zimmy] - that's a not-very-big-at-all car.
wagster, Apr 24 2008

       Yeah, but the handling's crap. Clarkson said so.
coprocephalous, Apr 24 2008

       We should send that link to Top Gear and see if they cover it.
wagster, Apr 24 2008

       They'd need a pico-Stig.
coprocephalous, Apr 24 2008

       And the suspension is as stiff as a Planck.
Ling, Apr 24 2008

       FYI, a model Earth at this scale would be about half-an-inch in diameter.
coprocephalous, Apr 24 2008


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