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Auto-solve Rubik's Cube

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Auto-solve Rubik's Cube, as the name suggests can be switched to "auto-solve" by phoning a number on your mobile phone, and then keying in a special extra code. There is of course a small charge for each solution obtained in this way.

The cube itself receives a message in response to the call that activates an internal chip, which assesses its current state, then delivers the correct movement instructions to a separate motorised gripping device which manipulates the puzzle into its solved state.

xenzag, Oct 05 2010

Trick Rubics Cube Trick_20Rubics_20Cube
[Voice, May 20 2020]


       I had considered an internal motor, but I don't think it would work, having nothing to lever itself against. The internal chip in the cube is an essential component, as it allows other applications ie play back of history to specific points.
xenzag, Oct 05 2010

       Can't you use internal rubber bands, that when activated, rotates the cube back to its original location?
mofosyne, Oct 05 2010

       Powered by a Stirling engine, the handy part.
daseva, Oct 05 2010

       I heard on the radio that a team have recently proved that any Cube can be solved in a maximum of 12 (or some other very small number) moves.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2010

       I can solve it in 2 moves. 1: pop off all the components. 2: pop them back on in the correct locations.
pocmloc, Oct 05 2010

       I think you could do this with an internal motor, assuming each 'move' is a rotation about one of 3 axis, and can be applied to one of three positions (top, middle, or bottom) the rotation at that position leveraging off the position of the remaining two. You'd need 3 motors (one for each axis) and a clever 'locking' mechanism that switches between layers that move relative to those that don't.*   

       It would be pretty cool to mix up a cube, put it down, and then command it to sort itself out.
zen_tom, Oct 05 2010

       Or 6 motors, one connecting each face to the central hub.
pocmloc, Oct 05 2010

       [bigsleep] has this right in the first anno, have the user put the cube down on a flat surface and angle the phone off one of the corners so it sees three sides. I think that is all it would need to know all the color layouts, though I might be wrong. Then using AR curved arrows projected on the cube show each twist. This a bakable and probably profitable as I know I would gladly pay to finally finish a Rubik's Cube without disassembly.
MisterQED, Oct 05 2010

       Anybody come up with a timed exploding Rubik's cube yet? Maybe something that opens exposing keys to the handcuffs or something if you open it before it explodes. Something the Riddler might give to Batman.
doctorremulac3, Oct 05 2010

       You know, you could just type "solve rubiks cube" into google and get a whole bunch of pages either telling you how to solve it or actually solving it for you.   

       //I heard on the radio that a team have recently proved that any Cube can be solved in a maximum of 12 (or some other very small number) moves.//   

       According to wikipedia, it's twenty face turns.
Bad Jim, Oct 05 2010

       //Those cheapo ones at the market just fall apart if you go too fast.// If I could work a Rubik's cube that fast I'd stock up on a dozen or so cheap ones, and do it as a party trick.
mouseposture, Oct 05 2010

       I never saw what the problem is with these, I got it the first time I tried, took maybe 2 minutes.   

       Of course after you solve it three or four times the stickers get a little hard to put back on.   

       What's the emoticon for a rimshot?
doctorremulac3, Oct 06 2010

       [zen_tom] Make it with lots of springs/elastic bands
Dub, Oct 06 2010


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