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2-Tag T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a tag in the front and back of the collar.
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A generic t-shirt with a tag in the front of the collar, as well as the back. Slip it into your friend's drawer, and when they wear it, point out that it's on backwards. Then watch smugly as they writhe in confusion.
DrWorm, May 14 2010

Wikipedia: How to keep and idiot busy for hours http://en.wikipedia...diot_busy_for_hours
I'll not be fooled again! [rcarty, May 21 2010]


       Would much rather appreciate a shirt with NO tags
simonj, May 17 2010

       I read this as T-bag T-shirt.
No, really, I did.
coprocephalous, May 17 2010

       dickies brand t-shirts annoyingly have the tag on the outside front, thus you suffer a day of smarmy remarks about your shirt being inside out.   

       It is comfortable though.
metarinka, May 18 2010

       [simonj] they do have shirts with no tags! the info is just printed onto the fabric inside the neckline. (and underwear with no tags are the best!)
xandram, May 19 2010


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