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Back-Scratching T-shirt

T-shirt with embedded back scratching device
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There is nothing worse that having an itch you cannot scratch. The back-scratching t-shirt will provide around-the-clock back scratching capabilities through the use of a battery powered matrix of scratching elements embedded in the back of the shirt.

The battery (9 volt?) would be stored in the wearers pocket, or underwear. The 'scratching matrix' would consist of a 10x10 grid of small balls, each of which would contain a pin of similar sharpness to a human finger-nail.

The balls would sit next to each other to form a 10inch X 10inch coverage of the back.

Each ball would contain a small motor that would be able to move the scratching pin up, down, left and right, and combinations of these, to cover the area of the back covered by the ball. As there will be 100 balls in total, the entire area of the back should be covered. For larger backs, a larger grid may be required.

To operate the scratching matrix a small touch pad (connected to the battery unit) could be depressed for small periods of time. I would imagine that operating the scratching matrix for long periods could cause the motors to overheat and set fire to the shirt, so a cut-out device would need to be implemented.

Once depressed, a small current is passed through the grid, operating the motors in each scratching ball.

My only concern is the design of the scratching pin as it must be sharp enough to relieve itching, but not too sharp as to cause pain and/or bleeding. Perhaps discarded human/animal finger/toe nails could be used?

ccaamgw, Jul 17 2000

Back Scratcher's T-Shirt http://www.chindogu...chindogu/chin1.html
A different kind... requires a partner. [egnor, Jul 17 2000]


       Not forgetting to make the motors and control circuitry waterproof to avoid rainy-day electric shocks.
Skinny Rob, Jul 17 2000

       I'd anticipate using plastic film coating for this, Skinny Rob. Of course, this T-shirt would be dry-clean only.
ccaamgw, Jul 18 2000

       I think this should be integrated with a palm pilot- it could display a graphic of a back and you could use the stylus to point to and "scratch" the appropriate area.
kimby2, Jul 18 2000

       Kimby had a good idea. But small motors in each ball think about manufacturing costs. And what about sitting in a chair and these small balls activate they are no longer back scratchers but skin graphers. Why have a plate of small balls in your shirt? Can you anticipate which day you will wear your back scratching shirt? There are so many questions.....
RobEC, Jul 22 2000

       what about rouge hackers hacking you back scratcher? imagine, someone could scratch you down to the bone, and you would have NO CONTROL! ok, or not.
cybercyph, Jul 23 2000

       What could you do with underwear?
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       I'd need to wear one every day; my back ALWAYS itches. :)
arghblah, Sep 15 2000

       Baked. I've got one. Except it scratches chest and arms as well. I don't think it's meant to, either; it's just made of a dodgy scratchy material.
jabbers, Sep 04 2001


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