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archaeology t-shirt

a shirt of many memories
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most traditional shirts allow stains to be removed when you wash them. i propose a shirt that actually holds the stain's colour so that upon looking at the shirt after a time you can get a sortof recap on your life for that period "oh i remember that night... thats when i ...."

alterations to the clothing line could include a shirt that has chemicals that may make different food products turn bright colours for that hippie feeling

shwanx, Jun 01 2007

telltale stains http://www.law.umkc.../lewinskydress.html
[xandram, Jun 01 2007]

The Shroud of Turin http://www.shroud.com
Jesus had one, apparently. [Ander, Jun 01 2007]

Dirt Shirts http://www.dirtshirts.com/
Oh I remember, that's when I was in Texas/Oklahoma/etc [Gamma48, Jun 02 2007]


       I prefer the sp. archaeology. I say stuff as many vowels into it as you can! That's the Brit way.
theleopard, Jun 01 2007

       moved to category.
skinflaps, Jun 01 2007

       This is really just an unwashed t-shirt, isn't it? Baked. I have one. I wear it when i'm painting (as in decorating, as opposed to "and this is my latest work - it's called blah blah blah") and never wash it. It's fucking revolting, but chock full o' memories.
Murdoch, Jun 01 2007

       But, do you dig it?
skinflaps, Jun 01 2007

       [shwanx] - looks like your shift keys don't work.
coprocephalous, Jun 01 2007

       //stuff as many vowels into it as you can! //   

       I wonder whether there's a Gaelic spelling of archaeology?
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       Monica Lewinsky has a dress like this.
xandram, Jun 01 2007

       I had a few shirts that were stained with the juice of green coconuts, and loved them as a souvenir of the tropics. So I was going to bun this idea.   

       Then I read the last paragraph.
baconbrain, Jun 01 2007

       //This is really just an unwashed t-shirt, isn't it?// No it is nt. An unwashed shirt smells badly; as I understand it, this is a shirt which can be washed for hygieinic puposes, yet retains the visible stains. But [-] once again for the affectation of avoiding capitals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2007

       A bit petty there [MB]. Especially with the spelling errors in your paragraph.
hidden truths, Jun 03 2007

       //But [-] once again for the affectation of avoiding capitals.//
More power to the lower cases, I say!
ldischler, Jun 03 2007

       Pertinax, "arceolas" (with a grave accent on the "a") would be the Gaelic for archaeology.   

       MB, you can have a [-] for the affectation of starting sentences with conjunctions, and for thinking I really was challenging the idea based on my having a skanky old shirt of my own. ;)
Murdoch, Jun 04 2007

       Thank you, [murdoch].   

       <way off-topic> So, "arceolàs" (Not "àrceolas", and -olàs is the usual Gaelic derivative from Gr. -ologia? </wot>
pertinax, Jun 05 2007

       Yes to the first, pertinax, and not entirely sure about the second, although it seems to be that "-olas" does the same as "ology".   

       Lt Frank, stop that immediately.
Murdoch, Jun 05 2007


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