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2-li fountain

air over water
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It's a cap that fits 2 liter plastic bottles (pop bottles etc). Fed through it is a short gooseneck with a fine spray nozzle and a pickup tube about as long as a bottle.. and in parallel, a schraeder valve that vents just inside the cap.

To use: fill halfway with water, apply cap. Pump up. Spray. Wash up hands or dishes or water whatever else in sparing quantities.

The shut-off valve could be a setting of an adjustable nozzle to simplify the plumbing.

[edit] formerly 'hobo's fountain'

afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 10 2010

Following your instructions https://www.flickr....t-72157645671487432
[pashute, Sep 17 2014]

I think someone else gave better instructions... http://www.instruct...d-2-liter/?ALLSTEPS
[pashute, Sep 17 2014]


       maybe we should have a homeless/hobo category for ideas ... the pump-action container of course being incredibly well baked.   

       Now if you can figure a way to get B.Fuller's "Dymaxion Shower Head" to work...
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2010

       Yes - garden sprayers and other air-over-liquid dispensers exist. But this device has no container and no pump-action. Those functions are delegated to more-readily-available local materials, to slim the device down to a minimum.   

       Speaking of a minimum.. there is a point where a fine mist does little cleaning. But theres a few orders of magnitude between that flow and the result of pouring straight from a 2-li
afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 10 2010

       Next up: Hobo Orrery.
[edit]^^^referring to previous idea name
[edit ii] not my bone
swimswim, Mar 10 2010

       so why do orrery ideas get truckloads of pastry while i get boned for an original invention. hm?
afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 11 2010

       charity bun for a reformed hobo idea +
rcarty, Mar 11 2010

       I forgot.. it's not the Happy Cuddle Club. Thanks for not letting me go dry
afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 11 2010

       this would have a good illustration
daseva, Mar 11 2010

       could you make a quick drawing? use Paint Online from onemotion
pashute, Sep 17 2014

       It's a pump sprayer minus the tank, using a found 2L sodapop bottle to hold the liquid.
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2014


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