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Digital Pipeless Plumbing

Efficient water transport without leaky, maintence requiring, troublesome pipes.
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Ok, have a standard faucet set, hot and cold, hooked up to a computer with a wireless transmitter. The computer computes a temperature and flow rate based on the positions of the faucets (in binary, have like a byte to represent temperature, and perhaps two bytes for flow rate) and transmits the data to a computer aided spigot wired into a reactor that uses platinum as a catalyst for combining atmospheric hydrogen and oxygen, and putting out the water based on the data it recieves.
Shanghai Gumbo, Mar 11 2002


       SG: You must be living in a dream world where the atmosphere is 2/5 Hydrogen, 1/5 Oxygen and 3/5 Wishigen.
neelandan, Mar 11 2002

       A lucrative career as a Microsoft programmer awaits you, Mr. Gumbo.
Jeremi, Mar 11 2002

       Er, what they're telling you, Shanghai, is that the atmosphere doesn't contain enough free hydrogen to shake a nano-stick at. You'd have to have a tank of hydrogen sitting under the counter, then you could combine it with atmospheric oxygen. You'll need a little refrigeration unit to get cold water, but you might be able to use the heat of combustion cleverly to have hot water.   

       The Punster would suggest "Digital Finger Bowls" but it's redundant.
Dog Ed, Mar 11 2002

       An amount of atmospheric Hydrogen which would be big enough to allow this idea would also make smoking REALLY dangerous...
Saruman, Oct 07 2002

       Digital Pipeless Plumbing sort of exists already: bottled water delivery. "Ones" are delivered to your home/office, and "Zeros" are taken away.   

       Or maybe that's Quantum Pipeless Plumbing.
gardnertoo, Jul 28 2004

       BTW, bottled propane or butane, when burned, will produce greater than its weight in water vapor when burned. For example, 44 grams of propane (C3H8) will yield 72 grams of H2O, and 58 grams of butane (C4H10) will yield 90 grams of H20.
supercat, Jul 28 2004

       You could use an electrolyzer to make the hydrogen on demand--just takes electricity, and a water line, and, um...well.
Etymon, Jul 29 2004


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