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Conservation Commode

Save water by flushing your toilet
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My bathroom is roughly 30 piping feet from my water heater. Thus, when I use the toilet and want to wash my hands, I must either a) wash in cold water or b) wait days for hot water. I belive this could be helped by adding a hot water line to the toilet. You could simply flush with the blue handle if the water in the room is already hot (or if you like to carry fecal E. coli in the palm of your hand), or flush with the red handle to fill the toilet tank with previously hot water and speed your way to a hot-water hand wash. I know this should have bluetooth and aliens with lazerbeams, but It's just not that simple! Sorry.
wittyhoosier, May 22 2006


       Some toilet tanks in humid areas are hooked to the hot water line already. The use of warm water in the tank reduces condensation on the outside.   

       I don't know if the advantage that you came up with has been realized. It's new to me, and creative. A hot croissant for you.
baconbrain, May 22 2006

       This is a really good idea. [+]   

       They have recirculating lines in a lot of places that prevents the waste of water, but uses more energy. They also have an electric strip resistance thing that you can just tape to your hot water line that heats it up - again more power, but less water wastage. I think your idea might be very nice .
energy guy, Oct 16 2006


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