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2001: The breakfast cereal

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Star-shaped breakfast cereal in a black, obelisk-like box.
hippo, Dec 15 2003

http://web.archive....0breakfast_20cereal [hippo, Jul 31 2007]

...and on the back... http://www.google.c...&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0
"Good morning Dave. Are you enjoying your breakfast?" [doctorremulac3, Nov 13 2010]

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       Is this along the lines of 2001: A Space Odyssey? ... I'm really missing the jokes today
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003

       That would simply be awesome. Would Clarke or Kubrick get royalties?
notnuaT, Dec 15 2003

       Kind of missed your marketing window for this by about 3 years.
krelnik, Dec 15 2003

       never mind - I like!
po, Dec 15 2003

       How about one of those little piezo sound widgets like in musical greeting cards, that plays Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" when you open the box?
krelnik, Dec 15 2003

       Oh my god... It's full of stars...
English Bob, Dec 15 2003

       'Bone. Sorry, but I like to read the box.   

       Speaking of bones, you know what would make a neat prize...
phoenix, Dec 15 2003

       Any marshmallows?
sartep, Dec 15 2003

       2001: A Frosted Corn Odyssey.   

       I'm having a disturbingly easy time imagining "Also Sprach Zarathustra" played by a little piezo sound widget.   

       It's not exactly...dramatic.   

       But it should have a sensor to determine if you're sticking your hand in to dig for the prize inside, so it can say "What are you doing, Dave?"
darksasami, Dec 15 2003

       I suppose I should watch that movie some day.
half, Dec 15 2003

       Yes, you should, half.   

       The cereal should be blue.
waugsqueke, Dec 16 2003

       I strongly suggest you watch it before the year's over, half.
thumbwax, Dec 16 2003

       [half] If you like Pink Floyd, watch the last 23 minutes of the movie while playing the song "Echoes" from the album "Meddle" for an interesting alternate soundtrack.
krelnik, Dec 16 2003

       It should look pretty in the bowl but take hours to chew over and taste of almost nothing at all.
calum, Dec 16 2003

squeak, Dec 16 2003

       [phoenix] There are, I think, regulations that you have to put a list of ingredients and some nutritional information on the box. So the box would probably have to have one side reserved for this (and quotes from the film, a Stanley Kubrick biog, a crossword, etc.) and so only look like a black obelisk from certain angles.
hippo, Dec 16 2003

       Don't think you could get away with the nutritional information embossed on the side, then?   

       Okay, vote changed.
phoenix, Dec 16 2003

       //list of ingredients//
They're there, just written in black ink on a black background, like in Hitchhiker's Guide.
krelnik, Dec 16 2003

       Actually, you could still read the box if you pasted the information on the box in a way that I could peel off should you feel so inclined. Much like the Tom's Of Maine products. +
sartep, Dec 17 2003

       Tom of Finland, [sartep]? - Oh, sorry, you said Maine...
hippo, Dec 20 2003

       And when you unwrap that box it is going to emit a piercing whistle.
neelandan, Dec 20 2003

       buy one, get a free set of bone drums.
neilp, Dec 20 2003

       Rods, that anno had me - just a moment.
neelandan, Dec 20 2003


The cereal should come in a perfectly black box (in a 1:4:9 ratio) that's impossible to get into.


pluterday, Dec 20 2003

       Interesting idea...once a sufficient number of cereal boxes has been produced, they will autonomously begin to converge on the largest concentration of cereal boxes, which is sure to be a Super Wal-Mart somewhere. They will form a structure of increasing density which, upon reaching critical mass, will undergo a spontaneous fusion reaction, forming a new sun. Around the world, people will gaze in wonder at the perpetual dawn on the horizon, put away their petty differences, and unite under a new creed of production and commerce. And for weeks following the event, every television and computer monitor will project the indelible words, "All of these aisles are yours to explore, save aisle 7. Attempt no shopping there."   

       No...wait...that would have to be the cereal "2010."
Guncrazy, Dec 20 2003

       "Open the cupboard doors, HAL."   

       "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that."
Cedar Park, Dec 20 2003

       The only thing that we know for sure is that toy surprise was deliberately buried.
Size_Mick, Dec 20 2003

       You could hide the nutritional information behind one of those fake panels like they have on some video game boxes. When it's closed, it's just a black box. Open it up, there's the nutritional information, plus a good fifteen minutes of pointless special effects that make your face change colors every time you blink.
JimX, Dec 21 2003

       Don't watch the movie; read the book. It actually makes a bit of sense at the end.
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2003

       [Rods]: Yes.
Cedar Park, Dec 24 2003

       This cereal should come with a spoon shaped like an animal bone.
Leotardo Da Vinci, Dec 24 2003

       This deserves a fresh look, especially since I have a new found interest in ideas of brevity. And also [Cedar Park]'s anno is great.   

       [hippo], do you remember how this was doing back before the crash?
theleopard, Jul 31 2007

       See link - somewhere around (+22, -4), or a net vote of +18, or a NVPW score (Net Votes Per Word) of 2.25 (if hyphenated words count as single words).
hippo, Jul 31 2007

       NVPW score? I like it. Hereby adopted...   

       Although people willbe hyphenating until the cows come-home when this takes-off...   

theleopard, Jul 31 2007

       Don't forget tasty marshmallow treats in the shape of floating space fetuses.
dumpstergirl, Jul 31 2007

       [hippo], I think title and sub heading should be included in the NVPW. However, this gives the Evil Laugh Activated Hand Dryer an astonishing +4.172. It will be tough to find better...
theleopard, Jul 31 2007

       Hello Dave, your my wife now Dave.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009

       It never ceases to amaze me, the ideas that have been around for years in this place and I never saw. [+]
Germanicus, Mar 12 2009

       hippo, if it were Tom of Finland, that niche is already occupied by Kellogg's Corn Flakes, which graphically features a huge cock on the front. -- Rods Tiger, Dec 20 2003   

       This was the annotation which "almost had me for a moment" back there in '03.   

       Ideas and annotations should never be parted ...
neelandan, Mar 13 2009

       needs black or dark-blue milk.
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2009

       Some specially marked packs could contain a moose jaw.
simonj, Mar 13 2009

       It's amazing how much creativity comes out of fictitious cereals. I found out the other day that the Ozric Tentacles came op with their name while inventing breakfast cereals.
wagster, Mar 13 2009

       Brilliant - the last time I met anyone who knew 'The Tentacles' was back in the 90's! Awesome band.
zen_tom, Mar 13 2009

       [waugsqueke]'s //The cereal should be blue// deserves to be churned.   

       //you have to put a list of ingredients and some nutritional information on the box// The answer, as so often, is to be found in the writings of Douglas Adams. It should be printed in black, on a black background. Edit: Ah, [krelnik] was there before me.
mouseposture, Nov 11 2010

       A [+] for this one and its marvellous discussion
pocmloc, Nov 12 2010

       How about obelisk shaped with this on the back to keep you company during breakfast: (link)
doctorremulac3, Nov 13 2010

       If this was healthy and did not pollute, I would buy this! Because the box is soo cool you couldn't throw it away. Get reasonable refills from bulk too.
reclaimbozeman, Nov 14 2010

       The mascot would be a little bushbaby. Or maybe a bone-wielding chimp?
smendler, Nov 15 2010


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