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Bloody O's

New and odd cereal idea....
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Alright...here goes...

Basically what it is...Is the acutal cereal part is of a deep red color and turns your milk red...The cereal is in the shapes of A's, B's, O's and occasionally you'll find an AB shaped one...Little white circle marshmellow's symbolize white blood cells...

The flavor choice I'm still working on...

Ya get what I'm talking about?

Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 12 2004

Goth Crunch http://www.halfbake.../idea/Goth_20Crunch
[sartep]'s fine idea (this time in black) [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004]

Fruit Loops http://www.repmanbl...14/fruitloops_2.jpg
Turns milk pink, eventually. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Mar 05 2011]


       I can see little boys liking this idea, and it possibly having some educational merit, but....gross!
tchaikovsky, Jun 12 2004

       WOOT! i call dibs on the spokesperson position! *sings jingle* bloody o's bloody o's the vampiric treat that's hard to beat! seriously i'd eat it! how about some extra iron to make it taste like blood?
Urban Kayaker, Jun 12 2004

       Darn no bloody L's?   

       I considered blood colored milk for Goth Crunch before deciding on its final milk color. This is definately a neato cereal. +   

       (Later Edit) Thank's [suctionpad]
sartep, Jun 13 2004

       This is disgusting. +
5th Earth, Jun 13 2004

       I'd eat it. Wait, no, I'd probably be grossed out. I'd just buy it and give it to friends.
Cheekio, Jun 13 2004

       okay brainstorm! granola platelets! mmmmm tasty!
Urban Kayaker, Jun 13 2004

       hmm.....*taps fingers on table* platelettes...little peices of redd-ish stuff attached to the cereal shapes...hmmmmmmmmm
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 13 2004

       Have you had your transfusion today?   

       Perhaps you could create a candy version, called Rhesus Pieces.
waugsqueke, Jun 13 2004

       Fun stuff. Welcome to the bakery, Robyn. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Jun 14 2004

       And/or Urban.
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2004

       How about adding drops of grease to represent cholesterol build ups? Also an additive could ensure that if the bowl is not finished quickly enough, the breakfast will start to clot and eventually scab over completely to form a lovely blood-pudding. Yuk!
dobtabulous, Jun 14 2004

       Yep, this is good. I wouldn't buy it, but it's good.
bristolz, Jun 14 2004

       I will never look at Spaghetti-O's in the same manner...
luecke, Jun 14 2004

half, Jun 14 2004

       Oh yeah, +.
half, Jun 14 2004

       ^-^ Thanks for all the support! It's deeply appreciated!
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 14 2004

       This is sick and totally demented. Where are you going to spend your millions? [+]
Klaatu, Jun 14 2004

       I think it's brilliant, until you're trying to figure out if that stain on your shirt is blood, or sugary goodness that *looks* like blood. But I guess you could just give it a lick. [+] anyway.
lcllam2, Jun 15 2004

       Okay who is going to market this, post, general mills, or kellog's? i wanna see this idea baked, even more so than the custard speed bumps! And let's just say i love custard a lot!
Urban Kayaker, Jun 15 2004

       *scratches cheek* i'm not totally sure if anyone would actually market this...and even if they did want to...i wouldn't know where to start with convincing them to do so...
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 16 2004

       a plateful of platelets I like it! Does it clot if you leave the bowl standing for a while?
energy guy, Jun 16 2004

       A perfect complement to Count Chocula
WordUp, Jun 17 2004

       "You sure you wanna eat that crap?"
"Oh, positive."
half, Jun 17 2004

       I don't think kellog's or General Mills would market it but I could see this really taking off as a sort of gag item at spencer gifts or something.
brewer, Jun 17 2004

       This reminds me of a small meta-story in some Stephen King novel I read once. Lots of children across America were vomiting up blood in what looked like a horrible mass-poisoning epidemic, until someone figured out it wasn't blood at all, but red food colouring from some new garish kids breakfast cereal. Which was promptly banned. Can't remember which novel it was
baobab, Jun 17 2004

       //which novel//   

       "Cujo". Great book, lousy movie.
Amos Kito, Jun 17 2004

       Shouldn't this be a 'Serial'
barnzenen, Jun 17 2004

       Heh, Serial....I like that..... Bloody O's Serial....*snickers*
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 17 2004

       OH! And since Amos Kito had a link about Fruit Loops...I figured I'd share this with you lot.... My inspiration came from those darned Fruit Loops... Pouring me a bowl one day (or maybe it was night...) and then TA-DA!! Bloody O's were born...
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 17 2004


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