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Avatar: The breakfast cereal

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A cereal box containing fairly ordinary cereal, much like cereal you've seen several times before, with some pieces reminding you of specific bits of cereal you've encountered in the past. The big selling point of this cereal though is that every piece is 3D.
hippo, Jul 06 2010

Parabolic 3D projector http://www.absolute...Parabolic_reflector
[MisterQED, Jul 06 2010]

Ozric Tentacles http://www.ozrics.com/
Also Malcolm Segments, Desmond Whisps, and Gordon Lumps [pocmloc, Jul 06 2010]

Unobtanium http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unobtainium
It has many uses [kaz, Jul 07 2010]



       Will there be a small plastic model in the box too, or will it all be done with CGI ?
8th of 7, Jul 06 2010

       What you need is a large parabolic mirror bowls that project 3D images above the rim. (link) then place your cereal bowl inside it. Then all you need is a very weird spoon to reach in and eat the cereal with.
MisterQED, Jul 06 2010

       I'd like a 2D version of this, that comes with 3D glasses.
xenzag, Jul 06 2010

       I'd like a 2D version of this, that doesn't come with 3D glasses, is about 3 quid cheaper, and is just as tasty.
Jinbish, Jul 06 2010

       Those are called Corn Flakes.
xenzag, Jul 06 2010

       No! I don't want Corn Flakes. I'm envisioning something that can ride on the back of the success "Avatar: The breakfast cereal (in 3D)", just without the 3D bit. Same hype, same demographic - but only eaten by those that found the 3D version out of stock, suffer from motion sickness when eating in 3D, or want the Avatar: Tbc experience without paying for the extra money-for-old-rope.   

       I'm still buying it for the unique selling point - it's just that I am somehow experiencing it vicariously. It's *definitely* not just Corn Flakes...
Jinbish, Jul 06 2010

       Makes me wonder what the smurfs ate for breakfast.
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2010

       @RayfordSteele Smurfberries.
lawpoop, Jul 06 2010

       Ah, that's right. Smurfberries = unobtanium.
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2010

       // a rework of Wizard of Oz //   

       Yes, except there was no scarecrow, lion, tin man, munchkins, witches, wizard, emerald city or tornado, the heroine wasn't called Dorothy, there was no dog, and it didn't start in Kansas.   

       Apart from that, it was totally identical.
8th of 7, Jul 06 2010

       No. We may be an evil hegemonising multispecies swarm bent on enslaving all intelligent life forms, but we do have SOME standards ...
8th of 7, Jul 06 2010

       Flying monkeys, 8th of 7, you forgot the fucking flying monkeys. Geesh, get it right, or don't get it at all.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2010

       There were those flying lizard things - once someone, at some time describes them as "my pretties" the whole Lizard/Monkey thing becomes trivial.   

       Also, nobody melted.
zen_tom, Jul 07 2010

       Point of order - the monkeys aren't just any old flying monkeys, they are "wing-ed monkeys". Ruled by Mickey Dolenz.
Jinbish, Jul 07 2010

       And the Ruby Slippers. Don't forget them either.

The whole cereal should just be a holographic projection, hippo. Shiny and attractive on the outside but, when you come to eat it, you find that there is no substance at all.
DrBob, Jul 07 2010

       // Ruby Slippers //   

       Footware fabricated from corundum crystal is likely to be overly rigid and brittle for practical wear ...
8th of 7, Jul 07 2010

       ... but give a hell of a kick to the knackers.
Jinbish, Jul 07 2010

       Small black light LED's inside the lip of the box cause the dayglow colored cereal to appear to jump out at you when you lift the lid.   

       Thanks for that link [pocmloc], I shall spend the rest of the working day listening to the Ozrics and pretending that I'm f**ked out of my tree in a field somewhere. Which I'm sure will help my productivity no end.
wagster, Jul 07 2010

       That was how the future was supposed to feel. Turns out it feels very tiring and a little damp.
wagster, Jul 07 2010

       [DrBob], when you go to eat it, remember that "There is no spoon".
normzone, Jul 07 2010

       Ah! Must be time to do the washing up again.
DrBob, Jul 07 2010

       "These aren't the spoons you're looking for..."
8th of 7, Jul 07 2010

       Four forks sake.
Jinbish, Jul 07 2010

       had a knife already?
pocmloc, Jul 07 2010

       People will enjoy this cereal so much that they will hope it outlasts their insatiable hunger all the while salivating in anticipation of the next climactic bite sequence.
rcarty, Jul 08 2010

       This is becoming a rather long-running cereal.
blinddriver, Jul 10 2010

       Rather disconcerting to be sitting there, actively engaged in consuming and digesting, knowing that there are monstrous floating rocks above my head... and yet, I feel a strange connectedness to all of these flakes... It is almost like I am one of these flakes! (although that does lead to a sub-text going on in my cerebral cortex involving the cannibalistic nature of eating all the other flakes) No matter! That's it then! I shall add my [+] to the Bun-yan tree!
Grogster, Jul 10 2010


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