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Double-ended toothbrush so couples can brush at the same time, cheek-to-cheek
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You know those couples who do everything together -- go the same places wearing the same shirt? Now they can even brush their teeth at the same time, gazing at each others' reflections in the mirror, smiling, cheek to cheek, with a fine froth of toothpaste filling their mouths at the ends of the tethering 2thBrush!
SlapDash26, Jan 16 2010

BAKED- didn't anyone look this up? http://www.pet-dog-...caf381d2905a7d1.gif
ok, it's for pets, but it still would work! [xandram, Jan 19 2010]

another with 2 sizes - his and hers http://www.calicarc...ad%20toothbrush.jpg
[xandram, Jan 19 2010]


       Do you think the ends should move in parallel (i.e. with a rigid link between them) or in opposition (with a system of levers and pivots)? Which party gets to hold the handle and control the brushing motion?
pocmloc, Jan 16 2010

       Welcome to the world of halfbaking! Great little idea, excellent name for it too, so have your first croissant to neutralise that bone.
xenzag, Jan 16 2010

       //Which party gets to hold the handle and control the brushing motion?//   

       This could evolve into a new saying. "You can tell who brushes the teeth in *that* household!"
Wrongfellow, Jan 16 2010

       SlapDash26, I think your idea is rather cute, and very halfbakidish. I give you this croissant, that will then get stuck between my teeth, and I will need to brush...oh no...sadly...all alone. +
blissmiss, Jan 16 2010

       Genius. Bloody genius. Welcome! [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 16 2010

       See? Told ya! ;) Way to start out with a bang!
XSarenkaX, Jan 16 2010

       Should have known it was a friend of XsX. It's a foolishly doable idea and wonderfully welcome.
blissmiss, Jan 16 2010

       Thanks all for the comments.   

       @pocmloc: Rigid, just long enough to span two heads cheek to cheek; picture it like a bicycle built for two in that the two need to remain in sync somewhat (after all, this IS promotion togetherness and harmony, yes?) -- both would grasp it between them, and work together to slide it back and forth... Tthe downside would be getting the back teeth, but of course each partner could move their heads to make it work, instead of moving the brush.
SlapDash26, Jan 16 2010

       Fun idea. Not for me though (because I am single, and also afraid of toothbrush-sharing)
DrWorm, Jan 16 2010


       I would actually be in the market for this. My ex-girlfriend is now my girlfriend again, and as it always is when we get back together, we are completely obsessed with one another again.   

       If this thing was able to be separated in the middle, it could become a flavorful addition to the strange ritual our break-ups and reunions have evolved into.
MikeD, Jan 17 2010

       Twooth Brush
rcarty, Jan 18 2010


       I like that better than 2th, although it would bug me that some people would pronounce the W, lol
bnip, Jan 18 2010

       i thought it was secondth brush at first.
rcarty, Jan 18 2010

       Ah, worthy of the co-memmorative plaque.   


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