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Brush Hour

The toothbrush that tells you your schedule
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"Brush Hour" is a combination toothbrush and toothbrush holder; it comes with some PC software. The toothbrush contains a speaker, some memory, and a serial port. The toothbrush holder is actually a docking station connecting the toothbrush to a PC.

The user uses schedule/day planner software on their PC. When they export their data to "Brush Hour" format, our specialized software looks over the schedule. It generates speech from the text, saving the result to some sound file. It should sound like someone saying, "Nine o'clock meeting with Jenkins, Noon lunch with Pat."

Each morning, the software downloads a sound file through the toothbrush holder/docking station to the toothbrush.

When the user removes the toothbrush from its holder, it begins playing the sound. As the user is barely awake, these sounds will penetrate deep into the brain, and the user will remember them. User brushes teeth. When user places toothbrush back in its holder, the sound stops.

Follow-up product plan: Test-cram Brush Hour for students. Instead of downloading a sound file containing your daily schedule, send over a file containing important dates in French History.

lahosken, Jul 19 2000


       How about another speaker in the shower head, so that the morning briefing can carry on when I'm in the shower?
hippo, Jul 20 2000

       Sure, but what would you call it? "Brush Hour" isn't a good name for a shower. Maybe "Bruh Shower"? Uhm, no, that's not it either. I'm at a loss.
lahosken, Jul 20 2000

       Like a speaker in a toothbrush is gonna force me to brush my teeth hehehe, it would probably even be so annoying that you won't brush your teeth at all. But I like the idea ;)
enveekaa, Jul 20 2000

       The ultimate in multi-tasking. You could have all kinds of applications with this, but how about some self-help stuff? Affirmations: for people with low-self esteem--"You are good enough and doggonit people like you!"; Jokes: for the depressed or socially challenged; Twelve-step program: for those in recovery. Or maybe have it tied to your voice mail so you can listen to your messages. I'd have the cleanest teeth in town if I had one of these!
human411, Aug 04 2001

       [+] For the Bruh Shower
pashute, Jun 15 2015


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