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2thePoint AI

Concise discussions with actions
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Replace current Siri-type assistants with succinct AI discussions, followed by actions.

carbs raw tahini
[05:18] 3.8g per tbsp
put 2 in my sugr grp
[5:20] wrote WhatsApp Sugar group: carbs 7.6g (2 tbsp Raw Tahini)

[5:21] No prob.

[6:00] Hey Pashute? Reminder! Call Zehava. Want details?
[6:00] Set time for recording Two to Do.
OK call her.

pashute, Sep 22 2023


       The verbose style of communication is intended to make intent or context more clear to the listener or reader. I understand that this is the reason why legal texts are often very verbose, since they have to be unambiguously clear.   

       Therefore there is a hard limit below which concision starts to remove necessary data. I think that the style you propose is likely below that limit, with concomitant potential for hilarious misunderstandings.   

       And once you pass below the Concision Limit, why stop there? Why not just have   

pocmloc, Sep 22 2023


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