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35mm belt of memories

It's all in the hips
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The product itself is a belt buckle resembling a 35mm film can. The two strong clamps within allow film to be threaded through and held firmly in place. Given the strength of film, it would serve well as a belt - a 36 exposure film would cater for waists of upto 55 inches.
fridge duck, Apr 12 2007

A rough model made in google sketchup http://scaryjim.mul...tos%2Fphoto%2F5%2F6
[fridge duck, Apr 13 2007]


       Too retro - we need a digital version.
nuclear hobo, Apr 12 2007

       one of my students is making garments, including belts, out of two and a quarter square format negatives, along with 35 ml strips, so I'm bound to like (+) ....may post images if they turn out as well as planned.
xenzag, Apr 12 2007

       Cool, it sounds good.   

       Mention that they might like to use transparencies if they haven't already thought of that. I really like the positive images on film.
fridge duck, Apr 12 2007

       //Too retro - we need a digital version// - An SD card isn't going to hold up your trousers.
wagster, Apr 12 2007

       //I really like the positive images on film// Me too - I'm just waiting for a roll of E-6 to come back from the chemists...
zen_tom, Apr 12 2007


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