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Belt of Holding

... stuff other than "your pants up", that is.
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At first glance, the Belt of Holding looks like an ordinary belt. A bit punk, maybe, with the zipper running down much of its length. But otherwise a plain, ordinary, thick cloth belt.

But unzip this, and the Belt of Holding reveals its secret: a fine mesh bag, rolled up to fit within the length of most of the belt. (Thus its thickness.)

Turn the belt over and unzip the zipper on the inside to access the bag's interior. Buckle it together to form a shoulder strap. Ta-da! What was a simple, unassuming belt is now a lightweight stuff bag, ideal for impromptu small grocery trips while out walking, taking home the inevitable doggy bag from a casual dinner, or any other situation when you might need to carry a bunch of stuff without having known that you would need to carry it when leaving home.

Now you can have both hands free to hold up your pants! (Okay, so this is more useful if you have hips and wear a belt at all for fashion.)

gisho, Aug 10 2009


       You'd better be putting spaghetti in the doggy bag.
wagster, Aug 10 2009

       Cool design, you should make one.
I can see a more rugged canvas version selling well in the camping and sporting goods isle.

       It would have to be made of a very very thin and foldable material to be repacked. Bun anyway.
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2009

       Possibly more acceptable than the Bra of Holding.
ldischler, Aug 11 2009

       [2 fries], you go to a whole other island just for your camping and sporting goods? Do you live within a retail-categorised archipelago?
theleopard, Aug 11 2009

       - "Arr, what's that on the horizon?"
- "It be the camping and sporting goods isle, cap'n 2fries"
hippo, Aug 11 2009

       Where de ye buy yer clothes Cap'n?   

       Garr, River Island!
theleopard, Aug 11 2009

       - "...and where d'ye buy affordably-priced frozen food?"
- "Iceland, arr"
hippo, Aug 11 2009

       Garr, that's where I goes for me Rivers! Treasure Island's for me treasure, Island Records for me obsolete audio requirements, and Iceland for me frozen produce! (Garrr, [hippo] ye overhoisted me postswain with one of ye own!)
zen_tom, Aug 11 2009

       To avoid falling trousers, the resulting backpack could have a clip at the bottom that fastens to the waist at the back of your trousers.   

       It's remarkable how easy it is to revert to Supermarket Pirates.   

       "Be sure ye steers westerly, ye dunt want to be sucked into ... the Gap".
marklar, Aug 11 2009

       Tis avast difference.   

       So I sees this s'curvy lass working in fish-nets stocking. I tells 'er that my plank be self extending, and she asks if I calls it me mizzen mast?
I says, how'd you know?
She says, well, 'cause I can see that most of it be mizzen.


       I'm wearing a belt w/ a zipper on the inside.
The couple dollars I keep in there have saved me at unexpected toll roads a couple of times.
There's not much room for much else in there, I think.
Zimmy, Aug 12 2009


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