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beer holster

wear a toolbelt and keep beer cold
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There are 2 things taht every home carpenter needs:

1: a toolbelt to hold nails, screws, hammers etc. 2: beer to drink when you get hot

So why not combine the 2 things and create a tool belt tha has an insulated beer holder on the side of it? It could eliminate the nasty problem of your beer getting warm in the sun while you work. IT would also save beer from being acidentally spilled by flying construction materials. Think about being able to just unclip a beer from your belt take a drink and put it back. Come to think of it this could be useful outside of construction toolbelts. There should be another model just for parties. YOu could have a belt clip that would hold your drink when you can't find a table or other flat surface to set it down.

Anyway, do your worst...comment away.

borivan, Jul 12 2001


       Half baked, Duff Man's belt.   

       Beer would get shaken up as you move around anyway. Bones for you.
StarChaser, Jul 12 2001

       May we assume the "home carpenter" is (1:) at *home* and (2:) within spitting distance of the fridge?
The Military, Jul 13 2001

       The beer holster already exists, but judging from your typing not having one hasn't slowed you down. Power tools and alcohol is almost as good a combination as guns and alcohol.
twhip, Aug 31 2001


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