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360-degree vision

I am the All-Seeing.
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With the advent of synthetic eyes (one that allow vision, not glass ones. They're essentially glasses-mounted cameras that, with the help of a cable that goes through a hole in the head, relay the information to the brain. They're not colour, and allow vision of - so I've heard - about 20/400. Apparently, Stevie Wonder took an active interest in this.), one might imagine the next step up. Of course, the existing "camera-eyes" are not quite up to the standards of the human eye yet, but with the rate at which technology has been progressing, it is only a short matter of time before we have full-colour and even super-human vision. Now, what if one were to wire up several of these, along the circumference of the head? The only potential problem is that it would cause some kind of sensory overload...
Half-baked D@nish, May 14 2001

PanQuake http://wouter.fov12...gfxengine/panquake/
Start practicing now! [egnor, May 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This was half-baked in a cyberpunk novel, whose name I can't remember now. Someone had created a visor that had cameras all the way around, which allowed vision through the center normally, while the other 240 degrees were shown squished in height at the top and bottom.
StarChaser, May 14 2001

       I swear my ex-wife had that power
thumbwax, May 15 2001

       Please offer a citation for this 20/400 synthetic vision?
egnor, May 15 2001

       Yes, I remember reading it was extremely pixelated... hence the ~20/400 vision
Half-baked D@nish, May 15 2001

       There is a Japanese inventor who made a 360 deg. camera, that could take all-round panoramic views. Just change tha with a video-camera, add a Playstation controler, and hey presto!
[ sctld ], May 16 2001

       Rmutt has actually baked a number of 360 degree video camera systems, and must unfortunately conclude that our (or at least rmutt's) brain is not wired to deal with wide-angle information. Think of an unwrapped video panorama: as you move, the front of the image is approaching, the rear receding, the sides moving past. I don't think anyone can really perceive it all at once. Even though your eyes seem pretty wide angle, in reality you have acute vision only in a few degrees.
rmutt, Sep 21 2001


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