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Eye swapping

People can swap their point of view
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In the future it will be possiable to have a camera inside the eye which can record events of the day, scan documents and store them, and so on. When people have cameras inside their eye hidden away they will be able to do eye swapping. The camera will be hidden away inside the eye without disturbing the view.

Eye swapping means you can see from the point of view of your friend. So if you want to see from your friend who is on holiday in Vega, you can see from his eye point of view. Also for fun you can swap eye with you friend in a room and see yourself from their perspective.

philhk, Aug 07 2008

Electronic eyeball http://www.nature.c...news.2008.1004.html
[jaksplat, Aug 07 2008]

(?) If only... http://kunarion.com...to/gallery/eyes.wav
[Amos Kito, Aug 07 2008]

Bionic Eye Implants in two London patients http://www.technove...ws.asp?NewsNum=1598
State of the art as of 2008. [jutta, Aug 07 2008]

Halfbakery: Remote Eyeball Remote_20Eyeball
Some overlap here. [jutta, Aug 07 2008]

The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe http://www.cs.cmu.e...review/conmort.html
Prior Art by D. G. Compton [8th of 7, Aug 10 2008]


       This is not really an idea unless you can at least try to explain how it can be done, it's more of a sci. fi. premise.   

       I want to go on holiday in Vega.
wagster, Aug 07 2008

       "o wad some power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us" - Burns.
po, Aug 07 2008

       Great science fiction premise, but not a halfbakery invention - you actually have to figure out how to do something, not just say what it does. [But see below.]
jutta, Aug 07 2008

       If it were the case that you had to "you actually have to figure out how to do something, not just say what it does."   

       Why would you then have articles such as: Paranormal Anticipation Obfuscator. Look under category telepathy.   

       Regardless, here is a description of how it can work. A persons eyes are replaced with bionic eyes.   

       See article 2005 BBC   

       http://news.bbc.co.uk/ 2/hi/health/4411591.stm   

       Google search bionic eye   

       Then it is only a matter of switching the signal to a different input.   

       I'm sure things have moved on from there. So assuming two people are willing, they are then able to have bionic eyes and therefore this "science fiction premise" is an invention since it can be done.
philhk, Aug 07 2008

       Some posts are funny or based on unlikely premises, and I reserve the right to have a sense of humor about them.   

       But yours, unless I'm misreading it completely, is not a joke; it's about a technology that doesn't require magic or suspension of disbelief; you're describing one application of something that has been in science fiction since 1937, and that, if realized, would completely change the world (because we'd know a lot more about neuronal hookups than we do.)   

       So, if you had any insight into how to build a better artificial eye, that would be interesting.   

       But you're right in that the camera and broadcast system is a new invention on top of an existing bionic eye - all I could find in sci-fi is projecting on it and free-floating camera drones -, and we also have done other bionic eye-based stuff already, so I'm withdrawing the MFD tag. On with the program.   

       "Switching the signal to a different input" may not be as easy as you think. I could imagine that the brain probably wires itself up in response to the specific eye below it; and these are staggering data rates.   

       There's no reason to make this a "swap" - your new destination probably doesn't want your data feed forced on them. Would be interesting for sex between two narcissists.   

       Seeing yourself optically from your friend's perspective still doesn't give you the perception experience that your friend has. That's what Wim Wenders' "Until The End Of The World" is in part about; it has a recorder and playback device for seeing, not just images.   

       In movies, I expect to soon see a chase where the chaser sits in an easy chair at home and tries to tap into the right visual feeds to stay close to their prey. This would be mostly unnoticed; maybe your eyes get a little warm if they broadcast for too long.   

       Can the US FBI use a national security letter to tap your video inputs in real time without you being able to tell anyone about it?
jutta, Aug 07 2008

       Well, [philhk], we sometimes run ideas that are based on impossibilities, but only feature something like where to put the switch to turn the impossibility on and off. (That was one of mine, and I caught some grief for it, too.)   

       This idea features an eye camera, which isn't all that new an idea, and may well be possible soon. What's new to me is the viewable-playback idea, which sounds much harder, and needs some explaining.   

       The swapping part of the idea is pretty obvious, in this time of web cams, file-sharing and all. If eye cams are available, we will share, if the technology lets us.   

       What would make this a Halfbakery idea is something like this: "A loop antenna could be put inside the eye, and serve as a directional antenna. If you want to share files with someone, just look directly at each other." That's lame and needs work, but it's got a little something new in it, and uses real-life tech to make it happen.
baconbrain, Aug 07 2008

       Was this eye swap thing not also done in Snow Crash? I think that in that book what was proposed was laser beams that shot into your eyes such that you were seeing a different (virtual) place, or possibly seeing what a camera saw in a different place.   

       This would be doable with current technology. Imagine VR headset with feed from camera mounted on users head. I could imagine this being useful in an environment where light levels varied widely because the camera could smooth that out, but that is a different matter. Instead of getting a feed from your own camera, you could get a feed from someone else.   

       Really that would not be too practical because you would be effectively blind to your own surroundings, and would walk into a cactus. But I think soldiers have cameras on their helmets so people can see what they see at remote locations.
bungston, Aug 08 2008

       I bet the chaps with the gorgeous girlfriends would be popular for eye swapping?   

       Rent an eye for £2.50 per night?   

       this has shades of Being John Malkovich but in a different way!
sassenach, Aug 11 2008


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