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Auto Rolling Eye

A Prosthetic Eye that can Roll at the Push of a Button.
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To show indignation, there is no technique quite as effective as a good eye-rolling. However, this can put those who have a false eye at a disadvantage. But not anymore.

A seemingly normal prosthetic eye with a wireless connection to a button somewhere on the user's clothing. Perhaps on a ring or a shirt or blouse button. Pressing this button would activate a gyroscope within the eye that causes the pupil part to roll up to the top of the eye before returning to its original place.

You could show exxagerated contempt to those who know about your glass eye by overtly going to the effort of activating this. Or you could impress people who don't know about it by being able to roll your eyes one at a time.

hidden truths, Sep 06 2005

Mad-Eye Moody http://images.googl...mad-eye+moody&hl=en
"Harry Potter" character with wildly rolling fake eye. [bungston, Sep 07 2005]


       ...Or you could give it Aye-Eye, so that it could roll on it's own accord!
Dub, Sep 06 2005

       or an *eh? eye*, (pronounced AI) connected to the internet so when you read something rediculous on the halfbakery... ok, I'm done.
dentworth, Sep 06 2005

       Or put speed to full and have it spin rapidly around in the eye socket.
fridge duck, Sep 06 2005

       I knew a guy when I was young who decorated his glass eye with all sort of eerie pictures, complained about pain in his eye and opening it with agonizing shreeks to scare people Sh.less. He would have liked this idea and [fridge duck]'s addition even better (and so do I).
Susan, Sep 06 2005

       Have it rotate constantly, very fast, as in [fridge duck]'s idea. And when someone sees it and says 'What the hell...?', you can just say "Well - weren't you about to say something stupid?"
sleeka, Sep 06 2005

       This is the kind of thinking that makes the halfbakery so great.
goober, Sep 06 2005

       I think of eye-rolling as a sign of contempt rather than indignation. Maybe that's just me.
bristolz, Sep 06 2005

       a mum roll-on type feature would lubricate the eye.
po, Sep 06 2005

       hope I didn't cause the sudden death of this magnificent idea with my half-baked comment.
po, Sep 07 2005

       I was originally going to point out that people with ordinary glass eyes could already roll just one eye, but I didn't want to be a killjoy. Having revisited after these annos I can see that I failed to grasp the full potential of this idea.
wagster, Sep 07 2005

       I love [fridge duck]'s suggestion. With good timing it could be either extremely hilarious or deeply terrifying.   

       [bris], I see eye rolling as being able to express a range of emotions. I agree with contempt being a chief one though.   

       [wagster], while it may be perfectly possible to roll one eye when one has a false eye, it tends to give the impression more a person has a lazy eye than that person is expressing disdain.   

       Thanks for the support [po].
hidden truths, Sep 17 2005

       Have it spinning fast in its socket and when it stops the back side of it is showing with a picture of a lemon or cherries (like a jackpot machine)   

       You make it do this when someone says something really intelligent or tells you a top notch half-baked idea and you accompany it by saying "ka-ching! great idea!"   

       You'd have people trying to tell you great ideas all the time just to get you to make your eye spin.   

       In conclusion, that way you might have some ideas that are actually worth posting to Halfbakery... (Sorry about that last bit [Hidden Truths] I couldn't help myself. I think it's a really, really solid concept and I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it first.
Obeardedone, Sep 17 2005

       They will be telling you an idea They think is great. There's a big difference. And even more likely They will be telling any old idea just for the possibility of seeying your eye roll.   

       Maybe [hidden truths] can fit a squirt gun in the eye maybe via the nose? That way you can deter any persons who comes up to you just to see your eye roll.
Susan, Sep 17 2005

       Love the squirting eye thing [Susan]. Bears consideration for all clowns with bad eyes.   

       [Obeardedone], I was originally contemplating the idea of having a dollar sign on the reverse side (Well it would be a sphere so it wouldn't have sides but hopefully you get the meaning) so if someone gave you information or an idea that could be potentially lucrative, you could roll your eye completely around and show your opinion on the subject.
hidden truths, Sep 17 2005

       You aren't thinking big enough! Make the eye squirt spirits of some kind (not the ghost ones) and have a piezoelectric sparker set the short stream on fire.
fridge duck, Sep 17 2005

       my first day here and i cant stop laughing. too wicked.+
Tanned Black, Mar 16 2006

       I was just about to post this:   

       Automatic Eye-Rolling Tech Glasses

       Providing technical support, as everyone knows, can be challenging.   

       Providing technical support to other techhies can be even more so - for completely different reasons.   

       This pair of glasses, when triggered by a hidden thumb-actuator cause an animation of eyes rolling into the back of the head to display across the lenses. This will save the wearer from excessive eye strain when working long-term in one of these such environments.   

       For example, some IT departments will create planet-based hostname structures, just so they get explain to people who have lost their files in the company network, that, in order to retrieve them, they will have to look in Uranus.   

       Similar to the above, but where the department has a server called "Pants" - this is done for the sole reason for providing the server jockey with an excuse to call people up and ask "Can I bring "pants" down?" whenever a reboot is remotely possible.   

       This attire allows you to join in with the most relentless of juvenile humours without straining your eye-muscles.
zen_tom, Aug 20 2007


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