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3D Nail Art

Miniature Terminal Phalangeal Masterpieces
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Holding very still, I watch in rapt fascination as the LASER ablation head moves rapidly over my left index finger. A warm sensation for a few seconds then the head moves away.

Another head swings into place with a soft sigh and applies a fine spray of colour and varnish at approvimately 1200dpi before drying and hardening it with a short burst of UV light.

I can now take a look at my fingernail... a perfect miniature of Fallingwater in 3 dimensions, complete with fall colours and tiny reflective glints from the windows and waterfall.

UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

Let's take it a little deeper... Vanity_20in_20Vein
[normzone, Apr 11 2012]


       That's a relief.
baconbrain, Apr 11 2012

       Bas, humbug!
UnaBubba, Apr 12 2012

       Just thought of this one and went to post it. Search revealed it was already here. As you were.
UnaBubba, Feb 15 2013


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