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Vanity in Vein

Taking varicose technology to new heights.
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For those who absolutely have to be on the cutting edge of tattoo technology.

Groups of veins are subdermally arranged to create the image of your choice.

Don't try this at home. For use by certified practitioners only.

normzone, Oct 08 2004


       //subdermally arranged//. [n], veins are already subdermally arranged in a particular way for a very, very good reason.
vigilante, Oct 08 2004

       Seriously imaginative grodiness. (+) For tweaking the why chromosome.   

       So, how would this be done?
bristolz, Oct 08 2004

       Vigilante is right, you'd die within a week. But you'd die pretty!
harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

       Angiogenesis, [bristolz] . What [normzone] is asking for is similar to the creation of cancer tissue vascularisation.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 08 2004

       Well, I'm not a doctor, I just play one periodically.   

       But I know we move veins from the thigh to the heart for reconstructive purposes, and I know that varicose veins can be removed for cosmetic reasons.   

       So it seems a small leap to believe in the capability to arrange bloodpipes visibly just beneath the skin. Practical or wise, no, but possible, certainly.   

       Of course as a guy in his fourth decade who has no tattoos or piercings [yet] it's easy to suggest that someone else try this first.
normzone, Oct 08 2004

       Ok, gratuitous churn here for an idea I feel never saw enough action. And update, I am now fifty, and considering getting an octopus tattoo. Maybe this would be the way to do it.
normzone, Apr 05 2006

       Deep veins are far more than sufficient to drain the body without the superficial ones. A slightly sub-optimal arrangement of them would be quite harmless, though the drug encouraging such tissue remodeling and the delivery device to get them to the tissues in the right place require, methinks, some level of medical nanotech, even if it's limited to microneedle systems.
Chrontius, Nov 20 2006


       Wow, [normzone]! How did you get from being in your fourth decade two years ago to being fifty now?   

       What did you do with the missing decade, and what will happen when you find the photographs?   

pertinax, Nov 20 2006

       Oops. Math error.   

       Alas, there will be no photographs. As an avid cameraman, apparently I have some kind of curse on me, where I'm always on the back of the camera, and rarely in the front.   

       I take all manner of action shots of people, and lead a reasonably active life, but if you ever see a picture of me, I'll be working at my desk or posed lifelessly in front of a Christmas tree.   

       I truly do regret this. Having ridden horses, road luge, and motorcycles, but not being able to prove visually is frustrating.
normzone, Feb 10 2007

       I think normzone needs the octopus tatoo ASAP. Although I think the veins need to wait.
drememynd, Aug 12 2007


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