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A real halfbakery

Buy fresh bread dough, cookies, cakes, pastries and just pop them in the oven.
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Real Halfbakery

This might be baked in other parts of the world. It isn't here.

I love the smell of baking bread - it fills the whole house with that domestic warm fuzzy feeling. But I can't bake. And I just don't have the time.

When the mother-in-law comes round, I would LOVE to just say, “I've just baked some fresh bread/scones. Let me just get them out the oven. Can I get you some tea?”

My suggestion is a bakery that only sells raw dough and other unfinished stuff so you can just pop it in the oven at home and bake it. This is the easiest part of cooking, but gives you the satisfaction of making it yourself and gives that wonderful warm bread smell.

I googled it and all I can find is frozen bread dough, which you have to defrost; and you also get those boxes of cake mix - but you still need to add milk and eggs and butter and mix and kneed it, so there's a lot of work involved.

I say, you just walk in, pick up a loaf of bread in a disposable baking tin and an unbaked cake and take them home to your preheated oven.

Perfect for: impressing first dates, busy moms with nagging kids and impressing mother inlaws.

Flux, Mar 02 2005

baked pretty much... http://www.countrys...co.uk/prod-part.htm
[po, Mar 02 2005]

(?) Half Baked Bread http://www.hellfire...mmentary/bread.html
DANGER! DANGER! [skinflaps, Mar 02 2005]


       Do they sell cookiedough? Do they sell cookiedough? Do they sell cookiedough? Do they sell cookiedough?
zeno, Mar 02 2005

       Have you recently been weaning yourself off chocolate or coffee [zeno]?
froglet, Mar 02 2005

       Po, I was trying to find that link.You can buy those French stick type breads in vaccum packs which you pop in the oven.MMMMmmm melting butter.
skinflaps, Mar 02 2005

       Baked (meta baked?) by my local Marks and Spencer which sells all kinds of oven-ready bread products.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 02 2005

       Well, not here in South Africa. But then we normally take a couple of years to catch up with the real world.
Flux, Mar 02 2005

       Well?! Do they??! HUH??
zeno, Mar 02 2005

       //And there should be "The Real Other Halfbakery" ... //
Historically, bakeries did that, and some still do, so they can charge for use of the oven as well as keeping them hot for the following day's bread (cheaper and quicker than re-lighting them).
angel, Mar 02 2005

       Yes. Just for Zeno ... cookiedough!
Flux, Mar 02 2005

       Yeah, that artificially induced domesticity smell is baked all over the 'vorld. Just before showing your house to a potential purchaser, just pop 'em in the oven cause million $ smells sell a house best/don't go down into the rat-infested basement.
mensmaximus, Mar 02 2005

       Not when your wife's had her 19th nervous breakdown and you're both bailing instead of more baking.
mensmaximus, Mar 02 2005

       aaaaahhhhhhh, cookiedough!
zeno, Mar 02 2005


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