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3D Printer

An array of colored smoke rings arrays create a 3D image in mid-air
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Smoke rings can be sent for considerable distances either alone or in large arrays. Using common color toner, this device shoots layered color images into mid-air, 20 feet or more. (cross-sections of a 3D object) and thus create a 3D object floating briefly in space. The toner dissipates and ideally is biodegradable, made with natural dyes and pigments.
molecat, Jan 08 2007

Ghost Writer Ghost_20Writer
similar [xaviergisz, Jan 08 2007]

Chimney Smoke Art Work Chimney_20Smoke_20Art_20Work
but I still like the small scale printer so + [xenzag, Jan 08 2007]

Solid 3D printing http://www.zcorp.com/whatwedo.asp
used for models and prototypes [badideajeans, Jan 09 2007]

Smoke Ring Guns http://www.zerotoys...ewsite/products.htm
Possible research tool [csea, Jan 09 2007]


       This is really only a new concept if defined as a 3D printer capable of producing objects viewable in the round. Incidentally there is a cool link showing that this concept could be applied underwater as well, perhaps to create 3D gelatin artwork. Check out http://serve.me.nus.edu.sg/ limtt/video/Collid_Re1573.mpg
molecat, Jan 08 2007

       need to check that url molecat - can't get it to connect
xenzag, Jan 08 2007

       Xenzag, Half Bk doesn't like long words and I can't figure out how to insert a link. You can go to my web page mallico.com and click on "colliding ring vortices" in the Technology Links.
molecat, Jan 08 2007

       if you click on "Link" you can paste in really long urls - try it.
xenzag, Jan 08 2007

       We used 3d printing to make solid models in architecture school, and you can do that in color too (link) - but this idea is distinct in the scale and in the shifting, temporary nature of the image- I'd love to see how a 'printed' image would change in the wind. [+]
badideajeans, Jan 09 2007

       Bravo, [molecat]. Having experimented briefly with smoke rings as a means of detecting sound pressure levels within a room, I am heartily in favor of new uses for this technology.   

       One can purchase inexpensive smoke ring "guns" and appropriate non-toxic fluid in several outlets. [link]
csea, Jan 09 2007


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