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3D Glasses Attachment

Play stereoscopic 3d games on your iPaq
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With CPU speeds of modern PDAs at a blazing 400MHz and rising, I think it could be feasable for a PocketPC device to produce 2 graphic perspectives instead of one; and it's not hard to drive a set of LCD shutter glasses.
Corona688, Dec 07 2002


       Why the iPAQ in particular? 3D glasses remain a rare novelty even for desktop computers and game consoles; why do you think they would be more successful here? Isn't this just an example of "we should port every technology to every platform just because"?   

       Short of any compelling reason why A+B is more than the sum of its parts, I think this is just a variety of me-too. Why not a light gun on an iPAQ? Why not stereo glasses on a TiVo? Why not a touchscreen on an Xbox?   

       And: The LCD screen used by the iPAQ and other displays doesn't refresh quickly enough to implement frame-sequential stereo vision with LCD shutter glasses, so it wouldn't work anyway. You'd be better off making it autostereoscopic with interlaced columns, but then you lose resolution, which the iPAQ doesn't have a lot of to begin with.   

       And: This idea is mistitled. It should be "3D Glasses for PDAs".
egnor, Dec 07 2002

       iPaq in particular, because that's what I've got. ;P But yeah, any PDA with sufficient CPU power could (theoretically) support it.   

       And you have a point in that the LCD display could be a problem; not as much in the refresh rate, which I think is do-able, but in the image latency problems that LCD displays have. I wonder if those fancy reflective/trans-reflective displays share that flaw...   

       As for why it'd be better than a computer with shutter-glasses? It's portable. Shutter-glasses for computers suck, because when wearing 'em you're literally chained to your computer, which in general is big, noisy, and very heavy. Like a ball-and-chain for your head.
Corona688, Dec 07 2002

       I work with HMDs I had a similar idea a little while back. Just fix the iPaq (or simalar) onto a helmet and put some optics together so that one half of the screen is directed to the left eye, and one half to the right. Most HMDs are dumb display devices whereas you're iPaq HMD has got processing onboard so that you can easily go wireless if you to.
parapunter, Oct 13 2003

       Now, correct me if I'm mistaken...but dosen't the "shutter" glasses (or any other configuration of effects put together for this reason) rely on the shared (both L&R eyes) view of the screen (and it's enhanced graphics) to produce the desired 3D effect? I'm not following how a partition could accomplish such a request. As a side note: Head-Tracking HMD's can be great fun...if you can score some decent compatable software. I played MS Flight Unlimited and the old EF2000 with an original Virtual-IO tracking unit. Oddly enough, it was even more fun after a few beers...although guaranteed to induce vertigo within minutes if not careful...
The_Jayman, Jan 17 2004


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