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3D minesweeper

another dimension of fun
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A quick search on google reveals "3D minesweeper" which appears to be minesweeper on the surface of polyhedra. This doesn't seem too interesting because it is essentially a normal minesweeper board that 'wraps' around at the edges.

A true 3D minesweeper array would comprise a cubic array of cells, wherein each cell is adjacent 26 other cells (for cubic array).

The player would 'fly through' the cubic array (like a first person shooter), and solve in a similar way to normal minesweeper.

xaviergisz, Jun 28 2004

Minesweeper3D http://home.aanet.c.../Mines3D/index.html
Minesweeper on the surface of polyhedra [xaviergisz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Render of Game Board http://www.borderle...isc/minesweeper.gif
Render In Bryce of possible game board [photojunkie, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Baked: 3D Minesweeper http://www.angeltow.../3dminesweeper.html
Does this come close? Real 3D and transparency (but no fly-through) [bugmenot, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I don't know if you're new or what, but the point of this site isn't to point out good ideas that have already been done, the point is to point out new ideas you have in your head.   

       Plus, the pics in your link look like it would take forever to play the game and it would be most likely more complicated than necessary. In addition, Minewsweeper isn't that fun to begin with.   

       Oh, and it's not too respectable to vote + on your own ideas. Nice try. [-]
Pocketassreturn, Jun 28 2004

       Read on [pocket].
The second paragraph and beyond reveals the true, new idea!
Sounds a bit complicated though [xavier]. I have enough trouble with 2d minesweeper on the tough levels.
(+) though for originality!
MikeOliver, Jun 28 2004

       [pocket] Just because there is a + and no annotations, it doesn't always mean that the author has automatically +'d their idea. A lot of people + without comment. (hence the 4 +s and 3 comments.   

       Either way, why is it wrong to + your own idea? Surely it's up to author to do as s/he pleases.
reap, Jun 28 2004

       // it's not too respectable to vote + on your own ideas. //   

       That's dumb. Never understood that. Who gives a fuck, really.
waugsqueke, Jun 28 2004

       I have seen the identically titled idea on here before, probably a deleted accout.
Trodden, Jun 29 2004

       I'm just having trouble understanding the possibility of positive votes when he's already put in a link proven the idea baked...that's all.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 29 2004

       [pocketassreturn], I have posted this idea in a slightly atypical way, first stating the prior art, then stating what is wrong with the prior art and then how mine is different from the prior art. I did this because the phrase "3D minesweeper" is an already used, but I have re-used it because I couldn't think of a title that would be suitable.   

       I would appreciate it if you read the idea carefully before annotating.   

       and FYI, I didn't vote for myself.   

       [Trodden], I'd be interested if you could find an archived version of the deleted idea.
xaviergisz, Jun 29 2004

       I made up a quick sample of something like Xav is talking about... (linkage to the left)... Personaly I think it's a cool idea... + from me...
photojunkie, Jun 29 2004

       Just a though though, instead of flying through it, perhaps having it in isometric view and able to rotate... the blocks would share a gravity point at the center so if you removed whatever block was below them (more towards the center) they would fall inward until eventualy the only things left would be the bombs and the last block. that would make it a challenge alright..
photojunkie, Jun 29 2004

       Thanks [photojunkie], that's what I'm talking about. I had envisioned it slightly differently: if each cell had a degree of transparency it wouldn't seem so impenetrable.
xaviergisz, Jun 29 2004

       xav, I originaly did it with transparency, but if you do it and aren't really careful then it just turns into a glassy mess..
photojunkie, Jun 29 2004

       Might get confusing when the cube says it has 16 mines touching it and you have no clue which are mines......
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

       I have played a non flying around version of this in excel. Can't remember where I got it from now though.   

       It was pretty horrible.   

       3d flying might improve things though.
RobertKidney, Jun 29 2004

       Bun for the idea, although I agree that it would probably be rather hard to play.   

       [Pocketassreturn] - You can go ahead and take down that apology on your user page now...
luecke, Jun 29 2004

       Hi, I wrote MineSweeper3D that is referred to here.   


       The funny thing is that at the time I wrote it, I couldn't find anything like it. All the 3D versions of minesweeper I could find were the kind with blocks rather than tiles. I played some but found them almost impossible (1 mine in 26 is much harder than 1 in 8) and somehow too disorienting and confusing (my problem, not the game's!). But I only found one that was played on the surface of a 3D object. It was on a sphere and was extremely simplistic (no 3D rendering really). So I decided to bake my own idea to play on the surface of polyhedra.   

       In other words, the half-baked idea suggested here was really baked all over the place already well before the tiled-3D-surface idea.   

       Playing on a 3D surface does seem to add a fair bit to the game, by the way. You have to deal with orienting the model for a start, and it's more visually interesting :-) The different tilings also require different logic to solve. Triangles are particularly hard!
Robert Webb, Aug 06 2004

       According to the latest news, the intellectuals have to play 3D Minefield.   

       3D Minefield is a 3D minesweeper game, it is a refreshing concept of the old minesweeper game. It is a challenging game of strategy and luck, taking its payers to the wonders of 3D environment. The game is based on the classical minesweeper game with adjustable parameters that allow you to change and complicate the game. Changing the classic two-dimensional game to an original three-dimensional game has added to the playability without changing the basic game logic.   

       To play 3D Minefield: 1.You can uncover a cube by clicking it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. 2.If a number appears on a cube, it indicates how many mines are in the six cubes that surround the numbered one. 3.To mark a cube you suspect contains a mine, right-click it. 4.If you are uncertain about a cube, right-click it twice to mark it with a question mark (?). Later, you can either mark the cube as a mine or remove the markings by right-clicking the cube again once or twice. 5.If you have marked all the mines around a numbered cube, you can uncover the remaining cubes around it by clicking the numbered cube with the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. If not all mines surrounding the numbered cube have been marked, the remaining covered or unmarked cubes will flash when the numbered cube is clicked with both buttons simultaneously.   

       Controls: In this game, you can operate a camera that allows you to survey the playing field by keyboard. W or UP -- rotate up; S or DOWN -- rotate down; A or LEFT -- rotate left; D or RIGHT -- rotate right; Z -- zoom in; X -- zoom out; ESC -- quit.   

       You can download this game at http://www.softsession.com
joesmith, Dec 13 2006

       personally i always vote a + for myself, somones gotta do it, but seriously, minesweeper?, bone.
Stork, Dec 13 2006


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