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3 Wifi or Bluetooth Cams in my Mobile Phone

You can put them everywhere
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With a Wifi camera attached to your Mobile phone you can take off wifi cameras and put where you want.

Switch between videos is pressing mobile phone buttons.

Think about where you can put one and watch.


MB=Mobile Phone

eugenio, May 26 2004


       Sorry MB=Mobile Phone
eugenio, May 26 2004

       I'm sorry, but what's the new idea here?
DrCurry, May 26 2004

       You can also make 3D photos, cameras are inside Mobile phone but cameras can be taken off.
eugenio, May 26 2004

       I had hoped this idea would be about eccentric wheels.
Thod, May 26 2004

       Mental note - Next diobolical invention: Movile Phone.
Letsbuildafort, May 26 2004


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