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4 Piece Projection Screen

So much more advanced then just an ordinary screen
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At work we have a projection screen that hides a whiteboard. The projection screen can be stored in the ceiling. When the engineers installed this modern work of technical genius I thought it was wonderful. A couple of years have passed and I thought, "what could I do to improve on it?" Well, lets do this, lets have not one, not two, not even three projection screens, but 4. One screen coming out of the ceiling, one out of each wall and one out of the floor. The projection screens would have to be pointed in the middle to that it wouldn’t make an odd shape once connected. Also, once the screen pieces were connected an automatic locking mechanism would activate and lock all 4 pieces in place. Now we have a free standing/hanging projection connected to the building by the floor or ceiling. The screen wouldn't be as wide as the board so the speaker, if need be, could run around the side and illustrate some particular point.
barnzenen, Nov 06 2002

Bree http://www.speakeas...orthern_Section.jpg
There's no scale, but by comparison with the distance to the Shire I think we can see the journey from the sea is long enough to madden any fish. (apart, possibly, from the noble Mackerel; sanest of all fish) [Zircon, Oct 04 2004]


phoenix, Nov 06 2002

       No, like a puzzle, 4 peices of the projection screen come out of the walls/ceiling/floor and connect to make one big projection screen.
barnzenen, Nov 06 2002

       So it would have six pieces then, surrounding the viewer on all sides as well as the floor & ceiling?
snarfyguy, Nov 06 2002

       If it juts out of ceiling, floor, left wall, and right wall, how can "the speaker, if need be, ...run around the side and illustrate some particular point"? You'd be forming a wall, in essence, which leaves no gaps.
XSarenkaX, Nov 06 2002

phoenix, Nov 07 2002

       I haven't even the faintest idea why the scenario you suggest would be better then the status quo, or even workable.   

       I suspect you may be mad as a fish in a barrel of Bree.
Zircon, Nov 07 2002

       It wouldn't be better, just... well, it'd be neat to see. As for the wall, xsx, it wouldn't be a wall. It would lock together automatically in the center and then the device that pushed the side pieces in would go back into the wall leaving enough room for said speaker. Ok, maybe we should drop the number down to 2, but I still like the idea of the screen coming out of the wall.
barnzenen, Nov 07 2002

       The screen comes together as a standard 2-D screen on one side of the room, but with four house-shaped parts coming together. In the middle, the 'peaks' meet like origami in the center to avoid overlap. Right?
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2002

       Right Rayford
Thought it was Cheese Bliss
barnzenen, Nov 11 2002

       <sp> brie <sp> bree is where the inn of the prancing pony is located. ( I think ( occasionally ))
kaz, Nov 11 2002

       A novel idea so I did not give it a negative vote, but it seems to me that there would just be four times as many things to go wrong with the mechanisms.   

       A fish in a barrel of (belonging to) the fictional location 'Bree' would be far madder than one surrounded by cheese. The latter would, of course, be dead, as no fish that I am aware of can breathe through cheese, regardless of the constituency. The fish in a barrel of Bree, however, would have been subjected to a long period of solitary confinement in a dark, dank chamber, whilst it was carried from the nearest shore, which, I think I'm right in saying, is quite a long way off (link). This would be enough to send anyone over the edge.   

       My main problem with this idea is that, in most of the lecture rooms I use, the wall with the screen is also the wall with the main door. This would mean that when the screen was active, the door would be blocked, causing a fire hazard, and stopping late comers from peering through that little hole to see if it is, infact, their lecture.
Zircon, Nov 12 2002


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