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high-end whiteboards

Whiteboards as a luxury item
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Heavy executive whiteboards, milky glass held gingerly in mahagony frames, for use in front of window office walls.
jutta, Dec 24 1998

Electronic Ink http://www.eink.com/index.htm
Very small two-color balls embedded in a flexible material with electronic control of which side faces out; "e-paper" [cosma, Dec 24 1998]

Zombieboard: http://www.parc.xer...ieboard-public.html
Smart camera images whiteboard. Has a URL, also drawing on board controls scanning camera. [rmutt, Dec 24 1998]

White Tint http://www.halfbake...m/idea/white_20tint
You'd have to add your own wood frame. [reensure, Dec 24 1998]


       I saw a whiteboard that has a printer attached. The whiteboard drawing surface is a big belt that wraps around the back of the board, with a roller at each side. When you want to keep the drawing, you press a button, and the whiteboard belt is drawn past sensors, and the printer outputs a date stamped, condensed image of the whiteboard on paper.   

       Also, the blackboard seems to be almost completely gone, the same way that the CD vanquished the LP record.
bretp, Aug 13 1999

       Let's make it easy. All whiteboards should have URLs.
jasper, Sep 20 1999

       If there was any way to create a read-write "smart paper", that would be great. I hate the smell of whiteboard pens and cleaner. A stylus would be better, and the fidelity of the e-transcript would be exact.
dean, Jan 09 2000

       E-paper (a la Electronic Ink; see link) behind a touch-sensitive surface should do the trick. Need to make sure the e-paper is thin and flexible enough, of course.
cosma, Jan 11 2000, last modified Jan 18 2000

       Why not make giant versions of those magnetic "Magic Slate" drawing things that children have? (Damn! Children have all the best toys!)
hippo, Mar 02 2000

       I use a small "magic slate" to take quick notes with my Palm/Pilot stylus when Graffiti(tm) would be too slow. The problem is that each slate is only good for a couple of weeks before the wax gets too rutted.
Eeyore, Mar 02 2000

       Back to the original... I'd pay a lot for a whiteboard that wiped off perfectly every time, no matter how long it had been, without having to use liquids. If it looked pretty, that would be a nice bonus.
egnor, Oct 21 2000

       egnor: One useful tip for erasing stuff that's been left up too long is to scribble on top of it and then erase. The new scribbling contains solvents which cause the old ink to flow and thus be erasable.
supercat, Jan 08 2001

       Yes. Also, some brands of markers erase better than others, and even within a brand individual colors often exhibit different degrees of "stickiness". Some cleansers tend to degrade the board surface over time...
egnor, Jan 08 2001

       //Some cleansers tend to degrade the board surface over time...//   

       Good reason to use the technique I described.
supercat, Jan 08 2001

       Eeyore: Try putting the 'magic slate' under a towel or a couple of paper towels or something and ironing it lightly. Should reflow the wax enough to help.
StarChaser, Jan 09 2001

       hopefully this isn't too off the subject, but does anyone remember that toy that Nickelodeon came out with that flashed a green light that made the wall glow for about a minute? They were marketing it as a sort of "silhouette maker." Maybe it was radioactive..
AfroAssault, May 04 2001

       Some friends kids had one of these and we spent a night playing with it. The screen was just glow in the dark, and the 'pen' had a flashlight bulb and a camera flash. A strobe puts out enough energy to light the whole screen up dimly, and the flashlight puts enough in to light it up brightly in a localized area.
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       Electronic ones are heavily baked by now. Is there anyone here who does not know about multi-touch white boards?
kamathln, May 19 2009

       // Let's make it easy. All whiteboards should have URLs. //   

       Now that we have IPv6, I am very much looking forward to realization of your suggestion, [jasper]. Since netbooks are cheaper than phones, and have their hard drives in hundreds of gigabytes, I don't see why every blackboard in Lithuania wouldn't have a memory of its lectures, available for anyone to download.
Inyuki, Sep 28 2012

       And now, I suppose, in the air and VR glasses?
Mindey, Feb 05 2017

       Why am I thinking luxury bed ends. Messages of love.
wjt, Feb 06 2017

       I spent the last two days in an office at a law firm. It was all glass and steel and swishness, yet their whiteboard was the usual tacky-tinny white gloss-painted, aluminium-framed arrangement. They could have done with one of these.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2017

       // I spent the last two days in an office at a law firm. //   

       Yes, well, sooner or later your family's idiosyncratic version of "hide and seek" is going to get one of you into serious trouble. We recall the Intercalary's brief yet incident-packed sojourn at Whipsnade Zoo - his choice of both location and disguise were singularly ill-chosen, given that it was the height of the mating season.
8th of 7, Feb 06 2017

       I agree, whiteboards as they stand are dreadful, and shockingly expensive. Getting a marker that works at all is never easy, getting a couple of colors is asking an awful lot. I think a nice milky polypropylene with RGB LEDs behind would work well. Then you can write on it with red green and blue pens and selectively make certain colors stand out/disappear.
bs0u0155, Feb 06 2017

       //ill-chosen// We thought so too, until we noticed the smile on his face.   

       We Buchanans have, over the generations, elevated Hide & Seek to a level where we are considering petitioning to have it included in the olympics. We have quite a comprehensive if rather baroque system of scores and penalties, and I personally consider myself something of a semi-pro.   

       It is my foolish dream to one day surpass the score of Finbarr Goyles-Goyles de Bucque-Annan (one of our more distant relations with some unfortunate genes). He was the first player ever to get over 100 points, back in 1776. By the time we find him, it's quite possible that his score will be into four digits.   

       (It was claimed, of course, that captain Guiles Buchanan, of the Westford branch of the family, had scored a "double round" of 980 points by remaining unfound throughout the 1800's without ever leaving the Old Library. This would have been an astonishing feat of concealment - especially as the Old Library was burned down in 1871. However, his score was discounted when a careful check of the family tree revealed that there had never been a Guiles Buchanan in the first place.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2017


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