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Fat Whiteboard Markers

"Can you see that down the back..?"
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I'm sick and tired of those cheap, thin, whiteboard markers that everyone uses and are impossible to see from the back of the room. I want to see really thick ones like the kids use to scribble on trains, but with non permenent ink. (PS this idea is for use on whiteboards, not train graffiti)
simonj, Jul 21 2004


       Whiteboard markers are available in chisel-point, which can make a thick line.
angel, Jul 21 2004

       How about a stick of colored butter?
bristolz, Jul 21 2004

       Mmmmmmm.....buttered whiteboard......<drooling noises>
krelnik, Jul 21 2004

       [angel] The thickest line I've seen a chisel-point dry-erase marker make is about 1/4 inch. Is this what you're talking about or do you have a source for thicker than everage chisel point markers?   

       I've seen permanent ink pens with up to a 1 inch chisel point. I assume this is more like what [simonj] is wanting.
scad mientist, Jul 21 2004


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