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Cthursday and Zaturday

S M T W Th F Sa? I think not.
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Forget using 9 letters to abbreviate 7 days. Who cares if they're named after Norse gods? Don't see that as a valid excuse. From now on it's S M T W C F Z. Much better.
centauri, Nov 24 2000

Additional discussion on Cthursday and Zaturday http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Maytembruary
[Lemon, Nov 24 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


jutta, Nov 24 2000

       Haha maybe we could just call it "aliensquidgodday" and make the abbreviation an A
djhotsauce, Nov 24 2000

       I've sometimes seen "R" used as an abbreviation for thuRsday. I do sorta like Zaturday, though since it's typically the day for sleeping in perhaps it should be Zzzaturday.
supercat, Nov 24 2000

       To call Cthulu an alien squid god is to deny your own alien squid god nature.
centauri, Nov 24 2000

       Centauri> huh?
djhotsauce, Nov 25 2000

       Apparently he's Cthuddhist.
bookworm, Nov 25 2000

       Many people count Monday as the first day in the week. They'd expect Aday to be Monday, not Sunday.
sam, Nov 26 2000

       I guess that mighty Cthulhu must have got fed up with being continually thwarted on the big plots. Now he's just going to be happy with his name on one of our days? Dreams ain't what they used to be down in sunken R'lyeh.
DrBob, Nov 26 2000

       Theta (O with horizontal bar inside) is a good abbreviation for Thursday.
acooke, Nov 27 2000

       Thorn is probably better for Thursday, given the etymology.
bookworm, Dec 04 2000

       Good idea to put the days of the week in alphabetical order, but they should be short and easy to pronounce.
1a2b3c4d, Jan 21 2001

       Sunday, Tunday, Uesday, Wednesday, Xursday, Yday, Zaturday.
baf, Jan 21 2001

       typed EBay into my search engine and ended up here....EDay??? what is that??? :-)
Susen, Feb 08 2001

       Aday, Bday, Cday, Dday, Eday, Fday, Gday.
andrewm, Jul 24 2002

       In Mandarin, the days of the week are (starting with Monday):   

       Xingxi Yi, Xingxi Er, Xingxi San, Xingxi Si, Xingxi Wu, Xingxi Liu, Xingxi Tian   

       Meaning (literally)...   

       Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Heaven   

       Now THAT'S the right idea!   

       (They do a similar thing for months here,too - July is 'Seven Month', for example). Easy!
gizmo_man, Jul 24 2002

       Schedules at NC State University abbreviate days M T W H F S U.
reece, Jul 24 2002

       I also use theta as the Thursday abbreviation. And I use sigma for Sunday (in math, sigma means sum--"SUm" and in "SUnday".)
TheJeff, Jun 25 2004

       M T W R F A U (for "aturday" and "unday")
phundug, Jun 25 2004

       //Schedules at NC State University abbreviate days M T W H F S U.//   

       Hopefully they don't have a class that runs Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
GenYus, Jun 25 2004

       Oh why don't you be quiet.
phundug, Jun 25 2004

       To follow the tradition of naming days after gods, maybe some of the new gods could be used:
Carsday and Blingday. S M T W C F B.
Zimmy, Mar 31 2006

       we know that every dog has its day, (IT) so why can't every day have its dog? - hence: mondog, tuesdog, wednesdog, thursdog, fridog, saturdog, sundog
xenzag, Apr 01 2006

       I second that.
lostdog, Apr 01 2006

       ..but those Dog Days would only have Afternoons...   

       (BTW - was this [Susen]'s first ever anno? (above). If so, what a gift of the gods that she arrived in the HB via a typo in a search request!
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 01 2006

       [+] BTW in Heb the days are written by the Aleph-Bet: A,B,C,D,E,F and Z (the seventh letter) for Shabbat.
pashute, Apr 02 2006

       + Hey, it's been almost 6 years and this has not been instituted yet....let's get on with it.
xandram, Apr 03 2006

       Lundi, Tuesdi, Wensdi, Thursdi, Fridi, Satdi, Bundi.   

       But I do like Cthursday. But can we change Zaturday to Pzaturday please? I'd even accept Psaturday.
zen_tom, Aug 09 2006

       This is stupid...
madness, Aug 09 2006


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