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50cc (Otherwise) Unlimited Racing Series

Only limitation is 50cc displacement
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I propose a motorcycle racing series where the only limitation on the engine is that it must displace 50 cubic centimeters or less.

This is mostly because I would like to see the limit of what is possible with only 50cc's. I imagine that an engine with modern technology like electronic fuel injection and forced-induction could make up to 60 horsepower on racing fuels like nitromethane.

Besides being an interesting engineering exercise that would leave plenty of room for innovation, it would be rather inexpensive, allowing amateur teams to get involved.

discontinuuity, Sep 29 2007

50cc Grand Prix Racing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50cc
Apparently, this kid of thing happened from 1962 to 1982 [discontinuuity, Sep 29 2007]

Top Fuel racing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_fuel
this is where I got my estimates for 50 to 60 hp out of a 50cc, since 8193.5 cc engines make about 8,000 hp, and electronic engine management and turbochargers could add even more [discontinuuity, Sep 30 2007]

Nitroglycerine_20Engine [the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007]

50cc Land Speed Records http://50ccs.blogsp...-speed-records.html
highest is 20 hp [discontinuuity, Nov 12 2007]

New landspeed record attempt http://thekneeslide...motorcycle-project/
trying to break 128 mph [discontinuuity, Jan 13 2009]

Supercharged Honda 50cc http://thekneeslide...0-racing/#more-3847
8 to 10 horsepower road-racing bike [discontinuuity, Jan 13 2009]


       My electric motorcycle will crush the competition, and have room to carry 50 CC's of hot espresso.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 29 2007

       Although you just have to love a 50cc 17,000 rpm 10 HP racing bike, "50cc Unlimited" is an oxymoron.
nuclear hobo, Sep 30 2007

       Racing fuels like nitroglycerine would get a bun from me. Maybe you should have called it "50cc, Unlimited Racing Series." To keep the hobo happy!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007

       While nitroglycerin would be worthy of the 'bakery, I doubt you could get many race drivers to get on that bike.   

       Check out the second link for a description of nitromethane fuel.
discontinuuity, Sep 30 2007

       Well yes, but when getting air in to burn the juice is the problem, explosives are the solution. Of course if using nitroglycerine you might have to packet the injection, and keep everything else damped, and do NOT crash, but otherwise I think the bakery is the ideal place for it! (link)
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007

       Explosive fuels mean short engine life. Grand Prix style races are out, leaving 50cc drag racing the venue of choice.
nuclear hobo, Sep 30 2007

       Are you allowed energy storage systems? Just run your 50cc engine for a couple of weeks (constantly) prior to race start, storing energy in batteries or compressed air or similar. Output hundreds of horsepower throughout the duration of the race (assuming that it's a shortish race).
Texticle, Sep 30 2007

       50cc of plutonium. I win. Granted, I might have to mount it within a U-235 rear wheel to achieve critical mass, but I don't see anything that forbids it...
david_scothern, Sep 30 2007

       50cc starter motor on a jet turbine. Meet you in the winner's circle, if you ever get there.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 01 2007

       1cc of antimatter, 49cc of water. I win. Someone please help hose me off the grandstand?
elhigh, Oct 02 2007

       How about a 50KJ race, where you are only allowed to use that amount of energy.
marklar, Oct 02 2007

       Would it be practical to design an engine which injected two liquid fuels that would vaporize and combine in the piston? What would the safety implications of that be if the fuels were stored in tanks that were kept well separated from each other?
supercat, Nov 12 2007

       Or have a Cesium piston head and just spray a tiny bit of water into the cylinder.
marklar, Nov 12 2007

       I'd rather see a limit on the fuel than the displacement. Give everyone a specific amount of gasoline and let then do whatever they want. Then you'd actually get to see turbines, wankels and fuel efficiency turned fun. Don't go crazy on the minimum MPG. If you just limit displacement, the winner is the one with the best turbo/supercharger/intercooler combo feeding a nitromethane burning wankel.
MisterQED, Nov 14 2007

       //What would the safety implications of that be if the fuels were stored in tanks that were kept well separated from each other?//   

       It doesn't matter how far away the tanks are from each other; if you crash, all is one.
Spacecoyote, Jan 13 2009

       Sounds fun... On the subject of fuel choice, what about a 2-stroke (4 exhaust valves, 0 inlet) with two high pressure injectors... one for liquid oxygen and one for the fuel of your choice (H2 or any hydrocarbon). You could run compression ignition, use the heat from 'internal EGR' or spark ignition.   

       You could run a 60:1 expansion ratio or more, recouping energy for the coolant/oil pumps or fuel injection, or even just straight turbocompounding onto the crank.   

       Apologies [supercat], I seem to have accidnentally stolen your idea!   

       Just make sure you've got awesome bearings and a strong cylinder head! Good cooling and very strong fuel cylinders would also be a must!   

       I'm also a fan of 'formula energy' ideas. Unfortunately [MisterQED] I think you'll find that the wankel/rotary engine is very good on specific power, not on specific fuel consumption (not able to get the compression ratios required) Just look out for the big, high speed diesels (most efficient mobile energy conversion on the planet, so if you can get it big enoughto burn all the fuel by the end of the race, you've extracted the most power).
Skrewloose, Jan 13 2009


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