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Car crash rollercoaster

Want to know what a crash at 240klm/h feels like?
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Basically a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park that simuilates the movements of a car crashing and rolling at certain speeds. There could be levels of extremeness such as 'driving past a school at 40klm/h' up to the massive 'catching the side rail 240klm/h on the straight at the indy and spinning end to end'. obviously the safety harness for riders would be engineered to prevent any injury to the occupant/s. But if you've ever wondered what it would be like to actually crash a car at high speed, now's your chance!
williamsmatt, Sep 18 2008


       Crashing feels like shit. Crashing at high speed feels like shit so much that your brain tries not to form memories of it. The invitation to participate willingly in a high speed car crash holds absolutely no appeal to me at all. If it was safe (no brain/skull impact) then it wouldn't be a real simulation.
WcW, Sep 18 2008

       [WcW], seconded.   

       Having said that, there may be some merit in allowing drivers to experience a violent deceleration from 50 km/h to zero, accompanied by an airbag in the face. Staggering out of the "ride", bruised, with burn marks from the seatbelt, black eyes, possible nosebleed, feeling like they've been run over by a steamroller, would do wonders to encourage caerful driving.   

       For added realism, there should be a mechanism for striking the rider hard on the knees and shins, and a shower of little bits of glass.
8th of 7, Sep 18 2008

       My local police force used to have a car crash simulator that they'd take around to public events.
It was a short inclined plane with a trolley on which was mounted a couple of car seats. The trolley was cranked up to the top of the plane and released. A hard stop at the bottom simulated the impact.
Most people who rode it were visibly shaken, even though the maximum speed attained was just 2mph.
What [WcW] said. [-]
coprocephalous, Sep 18 2008

       Lots of video and noise, but slowed down.   

       Crashing in slow motion, shouldn't damage too much except your psyche.
popbottle, Apr 04 2017

       Hydraulic mechanisms in the seatback and dash/steering components could smash you slowly but firmly prior to the glass bits explosion. Can we make it flip upside down too?   

whatrock, Apr 04 2017

       What quantity is meaningfully measured in kilolumens per hour?
notexactly, Apr 07 2017

       If I didn't know, would that make me a light weight ?
normzone, Apr 08 2017

       //engineered to prevent any injury// [-]
Voice, Apr 08 2017


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