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Bike Track

Floating Moveable Plate Bike Track
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I was at a BMX track the other day, watching these guys go round and round in a circle and thought to my self -- how many times could you go around that track and not get bored? I mean it seems like a good business, just collect 10 bucks from kids to race at night, spin some records, and push a button to drop the race gate. Pretty Ez, but what happends when the guy down the street opens up a new track? Well, you just lost all your "regulars" because everyone wants to go to the new track.

But WHAT IF, you could build a track on a lake, with floating mogols, and ramps, straightways, halfpipes and the like that could be floated into a new conflaguration or configuration within a few minutes to give you track new life? Wouldnt' that just be the rave!! You could even set the lake on fire with some oil for the dare devil night.

What do you think, a real life Track or just a plastic Hasbro toy at best?

DeusExMachina, Nov 13 2003


       People might be afraid of drowning or losing their bike in the case that they crash.   

       Where I live, the BMX tracks are not circles, but are instead a compilation of quarterpipes, halfpipes, ramps and rails that kids go nuts on.
Condiment, Nov 13 2003

       Ok Ok ... we will ziptie, ducttape 2L coke bottles to the bikes to keep them from sinking.   

       Or we will make the water 2' deep. Sound good on a hot day?
DeusExMachina, Nov 14 2003

Klaatu, Nov 14 2003

       I like the idea of crashing into the water since it would really lessen the impact.
miamigrandprix, Nov 14 2003

       Can I sit in the bleachers with a slot car controller and pretend I'm actually operating one of the bike riders? (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Nov 14 2003

       Also more interesting for whoever runs the track- you get to redesign every few days for as long as people continue riding bicycles.
Mungo, Feb 06 2004


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