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80's Cartoon Network

All 80's cartoons, ALL THE TIME!
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Being an eighties child myself, I've seen many a cartoon from the 1980's.

There should be a channel showing cartoons. Not any old cartoons, but cartoons solely from the eighties.

This might not sound like a lot of variety, but there are many classic series that aired during this decade...Astroboy, Robotech, The Real Ghostbusters, MASK, He-Man, Thundercats, The Smurfs, Fat Albert, Voltron (Lion and Vehicle versions), Alvin and the Chipmunks and a shitload more! Enough to make several channels!

mrkillboy, Sep 07 2000

Yesterdayland http://www.yesterdayland.com
awesome archive of all Saturday morning cartoons from the past several decades [JT, Sep 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Hopefully such a channel would have the new Spiderman and original X_Men cartoons as well.
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       How about Kidd Video? That show was great, if only for the surreal quality of the themesong. "From my video... to my radio," indeed.
cloaked!stoat, Jun 25 2001

       I don't know how we could get this done but, an all 80's cartoon network would be the greatest thing to ever hit television. Classics like He-Man, She-Ra, the old Transformers, GI Joe, C.O.P.S, Bananaman, and many other great shows. I could go on and on. Hopefully someone of great cartoon importance will check this out and see that hey, maybe they can still make money off of those old time classics. Hope so. PS: Boomerang sucks because it is like nothing action based.
eze0718, Jan 01 2003

       how about "goldie gold", "Beverly hills teens", "gem", and "rubic the amazing cube"? (lol)
-wess, Jan 03 2003

       tranzorZ, My personal favourite.
TBK, Jan 03 2003

       Inspector gadget, mysterious cities of gold, dino-riders, the berenstain bears, this channel would kick ass. I feel that cartoons are servearly lacking today, and I blame it mainly on christian parents groups.
Gulherme, Jan 03 2003

       I was born in 1970 and love cartoons from then but would love also a channel dedicated to cartoons from the 80's!!!!!!!!!! I love the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jpnunicorn, Oct 03 2003

       I think these shows had there day. This is what the catch-all DVD Collection trend is good for. Except dino-riders, that's gotta come back. Riding dinosaurs, damn.
miggavin, May 06 2006


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