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911 from a FE

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If there was a fire at your place , would you run around searching for your cell phone to dial 911 or head for the fire extinguisher ? UNless your smoke detector is already programmed to do that.

The idea here is to embedd a cheap hardcoded radio transmitter on the fire-extinguisher which would dial 911, along with the location,which can be programmed [ no need for GPS , since you dont move around with your F.E.]. When the seal is broken the call could be placed. The radio needs to get powered up on the fly using the energy released by the hose.

halfbloke, Apr 08 2005

How do you propose to get this http://primes.utm.e...gifs/Porsche911.jpg
inside a fire extinguisher? [calum, Apr 08 2005]


       unnecesssary if one has a hardwired security system installed, (very widely know to exist), which calls the F.D, long before you have located your FE
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       Is 911 a # for emergencies only in the US?
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       I was under the impression it worked in the UK too along with 999 but without experimenting...   

       BT operator tells me that 999 and 112 will connect to the emergency services but not 911.   

       just dialled 911 and a recorded voice tells me that that number has not been recognised.   

       dent, don't say I never do anything for you ...
po, Apr 08 2005

       thanks [po] I appreciate all the effort...   

       but wouldn't a true half-baker half-bake a small incendiary device, set something half-aflame, and then call it in to check out the theory? just askin'
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       as an ex-london ambulance service worker, I could never bring myself to make a call that could be deemed time-wasting/hoax.   

       btw, I can understand how USians might abbreviate toilet paper to tp but fire extinguishers to FE?!
po, Apr 08 2005

       if you are asking me specifically [po], well I never called it that until [halfbloke] said it.
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       perhaps he works in the FE industry!?   


       "Get the FE!"   


       "Get the fecking FE!"   


       "Get the fecking FE, its over there"   

       "What? Where?"   

       "Get the fecking FE, its over there, by Fred, quick"   

       "What? Where? Who?"   

       "the fecking Fire Extinguisher, you fecking prat!"
po, Apr 08 2005

       The first shout should have been "F!"
FarmerJohn, Apr 08 2005


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